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A Guide to Writing Your Cultural Identity Essay

Cultural Identity Essay

Cultural identity essay is a story about who you are: you explain how different conditions have influenced you. Moreover, you write how the process of upbringing, religion, status, family and other factors made an impact on your cultural identity. Furthermore, the information about what activities you took part in when you were a child is also the part of the cultural identity.

The cultural identity is the group of people you identify with and the thought process at the back of this is the cultural identity theory. The paragraph below will give you an understanding how to write a cultural identity essay. Continue reading →

How to Write a Perfect Students’ 1000 Words Essay

1000 Words Essay

Writing an essay of 1000 words is not such a simple task, as it may seem at first. After all, this is a rather large amount of text. Of course, it is very easy to write this number of words in everyday life, for example, communicating with friends in social networks. However, you need to write a quality student essay. This is not only the number of words and phrases but also their content is very important. It is necessary to remember the correct structure of the essay. Nevertheless, if you follow these recommendations, you can easily learn how to write good essays of 1000 words. Continue reading →

Leadership Qualities for Students

Leadership Qualities

Being a student, person often thinks a lot about academic performance and forgets about leadership qualities, which are important not only for perfect performance during studying years but during the further career building too. A person, who possesses significant knowledge but has no ability to demonstrate and represent them for others, takes less. A student should develop leader’s traits during university years to contribute to social development and improvement after the graduation. The list of the most demanded traits is provided below.

  • Skilled Communication
    Both writing and speaking skills are important features of successful leaders. College and university classes inspire to develop them from the first year. However, some students neglect such opportunity and try to do everything possible to work less on their writing and speaking assignments. It is a wrong approach, as such kinds of academic activity aim not only to teach to write certain word account on a certain topic. They demand expressive and persuasive language development, which will be useful for future interviews, public and social speeches.
  • Continue reading →

The Difference between the Types of College Degrees

Types of College Degrees

Once you have a high school diploma, you can plan to get college or university degrees. Generally, there are five of them, but the most common are associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees and a doctorate. The duration of the study and complexity of the program, differ them the most. Let’s view these and other peculiarities of each degree in details.

Associate’s Degree

One should study two years to get it. This kind of degree is regarded as higher than General Equivalency Development and a high school diploma. Later, the study can be continued in both college and university. The aim of it is to baccalaureate. This kind of degree is common for such qualifications as computer studying or healthcare. Continue reading →

7 Ways to Entertain Yourself with DIY Projects

Ways to Entertain Yourself with DIY Projects

When you’re overwhelmed by daily routines, it’s easy to find yourself sinking into the boring and monotonous life. That’s when you need to find some new activities to spice up your daily life. Here are seven options of new and interesting DIY hobbies you should consider and maybe you’ll find something suitable for your interests.


All those who have basic skills of weaving will find tatting very simple. But even if you’re completely new to this sort of activity, its technique is not challenging to comprehend. Tatting doesn’t take a lot of time to get some result since you can make the simplest ornaments in no time. They are a great way to decorate your place and will become a nice and warm gift for your loved ones. Continue reading →

Advice on Writing the Best Essays on Friends

Writing the Best Essays on Friends

We are humans, and we are quite social creatures, so we make friends with each other. One day, you may be required to write an essay on the topic of friendship, but you may find yourself being confused with what to start and what to say? Probably everything seems so obvious that it is not worth writing about. It is certainly true, but each individual has a personal insight into the concept of friendship; it is so because of personal experiences. So, when writing, you should apply your own experience, and by that, we mean not only how you really feel about friendship, but what you know about friendship in general and what your opinion about it is. Quite a lot to do, eh? So, here are some tips that will help: Continue reading →

Money Tips You Should not Follow

Money Tips

The older you become the more you care about money. It is natural to become mature in the financial sphere with the age. You collect different pieces of advice, search for money tips and try to put your finances in order. However, there are diverse approaches and methods that are good for certain people and inappropriate for others. So, do you know this or that money tips works for you? The most suitable answer would be an experience, but no one discourages you to learn from someone’s mistakes. Yet, there 4 money tips you can stop following right now. Continue reading →


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