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10 Places You Should See in Your Life

Top 10 US Travel Destinations for 2012

People who are keen on travelling often search for interesting places to visit. Here we present a chart of the US sights that are worthwhile seeing in one’s life:

1.Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast & Grand Rapids

Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast is famous for the most beautiful beach with sugar-white dunes. Moreover, if you are interested in surfing, you will enjoy spending time at Lake Michigan. Grand Rapids is the right choice for those who like beer festivals.

2. Yosemite National Park, CA

Beautiful views are waiting for visitors in Yosemite National Park. This place is offering various natural attractions for tourists such as thunderous waterfalls and meadows. There are also different entertainment, for instance, hiking and climbing.

3. Boston, MA

The city is famous among sport fans. Moreover, Boston holds various architectural and art attractions such as Bell in Hand Tavern and Omni Parker House. The fans of historical sightseeing will also enjoy Freedom Trail.

4. Central Coast, CA

This place is also well known for its majestic views of beach towns, highways and wildlife. Tourists like visiting Monterey Bay Aquarium that exhibits sea life of the area. There are also different street festivals filled with goods from the nearby farms.

5. The Jersey Shore

The shore holds various resort places that offer different kinds of entertainment: go-karts, amusement rides, bike trails, etc. Those who prefer comfort will engage in swimming, fishing and shopping. One of the most famous attractions is Atlantic City with its 8-mile boardwalk.

6. Kansas City, MO

The city combines attractions of different types. People who like history will enjoy visiting National WWI Museum and Liberty Memorial. Those who are keen on shopping will be attracted by Country Club Plaza. In addition, there are various bars and restaurants, the most famous of which is Oklahoma Joe’s.

7. Cumberland Island, GA

If you want to enjoy virgin beauty of USA, visit Cumberland Island. You will be surprised to see unique wildlife in its natural habitat. Underdeveloped Cumberland is the perfect place to hide from the rest of the world.

8. Las Vegas, NV

It is the city for those who enjoy nigh life with its bars, clubs and casinos. Las Vegas is the place where life abounds. Visit the city to get the most memorable emotions and events in your life.

9. Sun Valley, ID
It is a perfect place for a family visit. Sun Valley offers various amusements for active people such as hiking, camping, fly fishing, mountain biking, skiing etc. For those tourists who enjoy cultural events, Sun Valley offers interesting historical excursions.

10. Lana’i, HI

The island is 98 % owned by Larry Ellison, who made it the place of cultural contrasts. Unlike other Hawaiian Islands, the pristine beauty of Lana’I gives tourists a feeling of isolation. The attractions here vary from the simplest to the most luxurious that leave no visitors indifferent.

Still searching for a beautiful place to visit? Pick one from the list and enjoy your time!

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