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4 Things to Pay Attention to when Writing a CV without Experience

How to Write a CV when You Lack Direct Work Experience

Most skilled jobs, even low level ones, require applicants to have some kind of work experience. It may seem frustrating to recent graduates, but the truth is, with enough persistence and skill you will get hired even without direct experience. Here is a couple of tips on how to present your skills and potential in the best possible light.

Do your research

Find out what will increase your value to potential employers. Even if you have not worked for money before, you must have been involved in interesting extracurriculars, undertaken personal projects, and focused on coursework. These can be used to show that you are suitable for the position. Imagine that you are the one hiring: what would you like to see on a CV?
Think about everything you have done in terms of aims, consequences, and things you’ve learned. This way even playing video games in your free time can be used as an advantage.

Make yourself desirable

One of the things most people struggle with while creating a CV is making their personal traits look irresistible. If you just list your talents, you will look exactly like the twenty other people applying for the same position. What you should do is use examples.
Try to talk less about what you can do and more about what you have done. Overcoming challenges shows resourcefulness, the ability to work in stressful situations, and determination. Using examples works especially well with soft skills because potential employers will be able to understand what you mean by “communication skills” or “teamwork” and actually imagine you as one of their employees.
Additionally, try to use facts, data, and quantifiable achievements if possible. Work with numbers and percentages to make a good impression.

Use the lingo

Many fields have very peculiar professional jargons. Don’t be afraid to use these words to demonstrate that you have done your research and are a perfect candidate. Use certain terms in your CV, so that if the company uses automated keyword search, your resume will be flagged as acceptable.

Be daring with layout

Many people are afraid to experiment with the layout. They mostly use chronological formatting when talking about their work history and have the same order of sections that is used in most free templates online.
This, however, makes you vulnerable to being overlooked. Try to put the most relevant information first to grab the recruiter’s attention from the start. You can even create a special section for less important information. Be flexible, but don’t go overboard. Your CV should still be easy to read and look professional.
These pieces of advice will help you create a CV with minimal to no work experience. If you are still studying, though, the best tip for you would be to get internships in the field you are interested in and meet people who can help you out in the future. Hopefully, you will get employed soon!

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