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A Guide to Writing Your Cultural Identity Essay

Cultural Identity Essay

Cultural identity essay is a story about who you are: you explain how different conditions have influenced you. Moreover, you write how the process of upbringing, religion, status, family and other factors made an impact on your cultural identity. Furthermore, the information about what activities you took part in when you were a child is also the part of the cultural identity.

The cultural identity is the group of people you identify with and the thought process at the back of this is the cultural identity theory. The paragraph below will give you an understanding how to write a cultural identity essay.
I was born in New York, and when I was two years old my family moved to Chicago. My mother is a Pole and comes from very traditional family. My father is an American, and he was adopted by a French family who lived in the USA when he was 3. We lived in a huge beautiful house in the suburb. My parents had three kids: me, my brother, and my sister. My mother was a Catholic; she went to church twice a week, albeit my father was not a religious person. My siblings and I had the first communion jointly and till up to the present day we visit church together every week. Our parents want us to focus on studies, not sports. They want us to dedicate our lives to science. My brother enjoyed math, and my sister was keen on science, but I loved arts. In high school, I started drawing as my best friend. I wanted to study arts, but my parents were displeased because I have not fulfilled their expectations. My brother and sister are engineers: he is mechanical, and she is software. My parents hope that one day I will work in the technical field. Nevertheless, I am very close to my family despite the differences in our views. Actually, I have friends of different race, religion, and status. These people love art and are painters, musicians, and writers. I feel comfortable with them because they are involved in the same industry as me.

That was the draft of the cultural identity essay. You can write something similar or entirely the opposite. Your essay may look different because you write about your own life. This example shows the choice of the writer, his talent and interests, and how they influence his identity. As we see, his family cannot change the final decision. Nevertheless, remember that your essay is your thoughts, feelings, and conditions. You cannot write the wrong story; you can only do it in the wrong way. So, to write a cultural identity essay, try to keep the theory of it in mind. Before you start, ask yourself about:

  • How did I differ from the other kids in the childhood? What was the impact on me?
  • How did birth order change my maturity?
  • How much my today’s life depends on my choices made in the school?

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