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Best Advice on Finding a Job without Experience

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Many recent graduates are a little lost after they get their diplomas. Every single place of employment seeks people with at least a year or two of experience. Even entry-level positions require you to complete an internship first. Don’t worry though, you can still get hired. All you need to do is write an amazing CV showcasing your excellent work ethic, passion for the industry, and superior skills. Here is a couple of tips on how to do it!

Talk about your potential

An employer is not going to pay you for things you’ve done in the past, so show them what you are capable of in the future. Even if you’ve never worked before and getting an internship has never occurred to you (though, really, it should have), talk about your general experiences in life. Talk about challenges you have overcome, issues that you have had to resolve, lessons that you’ve learned.

Don’t exaggerate your skills

We all want to present ourselves in the best light possible. However, lying in your CV is about the worst thing that you can do. If you mention that you speak Finish, while in reality you don’t, there will come a time when your employer will ask you to use this skill and that will most probably lead to you getting fired.
Mention your achievements
Even though you can’t brag about professional achievements yet, you can always bring up those things in your study or leisure life you are most proud of. Use definite examples to prove that you do possess skills mentioned in your CV.

Tailor your resume

If you mention that you’ve been a part of your college debate team, it probably won’t impress the recruiter all that much. However, if you say that you have experience with public speaking, constructing arguments, and teamwork, it would sound much better. You can write even a better CV by researching the day-today responsibilities of an employee in the company and showing how your skills can help fulfill those tasks.

Demonstrate you passion for the field

Think about why you are interested in the position. Don’t say money. Surely, if you are applying for this vacancy out of a thousand others, you must be interested in it. Talk about what inspires you about the company during the interview.

Concentrate on transferable skills

While some skills are only useful in certain fields, there are the so-called transferable skills that are highly valued in any industry. They include proficiency in sales, word processing, informational technology, customer service, etc. You can develop those while still studying and even waiting tables.

Bring your profile to life

Try to come up with a striking first paragraph for your CV. It should be concise, smart, and targeted. If you are not good at writing, there is no shame in looking for some external help. There are many workshops and training sessions available to help you create something great.
Don’t forget to network and reach for the stars!

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