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Brain Food for Writers

Brain Food for Writers

You surely know that some products contribute positively to your body. But did you know that there are also foods which support your brain function? A healthy body usually means a healthy brain. And that means certain foods can help you write better! Below you will find words of advice on what to eat to be healthy.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids that are contained in fish oil and flax boost our brain’s gray matter. Consuming them is like building muscle in your mind.
  • Antioxidants that are found in great amount in fruits and veggies provide us with age- and disease-fighting power to keep our creative impulses firing at top speed. The biggest amounts of antioxidants are found in blueberries.
  • Folic acid is very important for maintaining our cognitive function, especially in memory and critical thinking. Besides, it is vital for pregnant women to consume folic acid as it is necessary for proper development of fetus’ neural tube.
  • Choline is a nutrient contained in milk and egg yolk which increases clarity of thinking, helps your memory keep going strong, and helps prevent senility.
  • Supplements. Nowadays, there is a lot of back and forth about supplements, but according to the research, vitamins B, C, E, beta-carotene, and magnesium can be really helpful.
  • Chocolate. According to a study held by food scientists, the concentration of antioxidants contained in a cup of hot chocolate was much higher than that found in green tea. Surely, getting those antioxidants from fruits and vegetables is a better option. But the next time someone looks at you reproachfully when you drink cocoa, you can say you are doing it for your brain.
  • Green tea is one more product that contains a lot of antioxidants so it is good for your physical and mental health. It is proved that people who drink it regularly fare better mentally when it comes to aging. So this is great news for writers, especially those ones who stay up into the wee hours to work on another piece of writing. A cup of green tea will both keep you awake and young! Besides, the substances found in this product will help you keep focused on your work.
  • Never miss breakfasts! Many of us hardly admit it, but our mothers were right. Breakfast always counts. You should eat a moderate and balanced breakfast with whole grains and protein which will help you stay concentrated on what you have to do. Just remember to not eat too much, otherwise, you will get sluggish.

I am not a nutritiologist, but a common sense does not require a medical degree. Eat healthy food, drink tons of water, have enough sleep, and go out often to maintain your well-being. All the food pieces of advice can be broken down in three simple major rules:

  • Eat real food;
  • mostly of plant origin;
  • not too much.

Take care of yourself and you will show best results in everything you will do.

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