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Causes of the Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War

The American Revolutionary War started in 1777 and ended in 1783. Within six years, it spread not only over the whole continent but also beyond its borders. Some battles took place beyond its east coast and resulted in Central American, Gibraltar, India, and Africa holdings. The fights in the coastal water resulted that Britain lost the Mississippi River and gained part of French, Dutch, and Spain colonies. America, in its turn, gained its independence. It was proclaimed by the Continental Congress on the 4-th of July ,1876.

Main Causes of the American Revolutionary War

  • Lack of Representation. Thirteen North American colonies of Britain did not know the language to tell about their needs and problems to the Crown in detail. It brought massive resent as Great Britain even did not make an effort to find a translator.
  • Inequality of the Rights and Interests. In 1689, the English Bill of Rights guaranteed the rights and liberties of the individual, but the Americans did not fill its strength as the British did. It added displeasure and indignation to the abused colonies.
  • Britain Careless. The involvement of Britain into the American colonies’ affairs ended by ordering and tax taking. Thus, it was much simpler for the Americans to establish the Provincial Congress in each colony in order to govern them. In such a way, they could solve many affairs without Britain’s help.
  • The Reaction of the UK. Although the Provincial Congresses continued acknowledging the Crown, the British government sent its troops to reestablish the situation. In response, the colonies prepared their military forces.
  • Self-Sufficiency of the Colonies. The colonies understood that they did not need someone to lead them and that they could govern and cope with their problems without the assistance of the UK. As they realized self-sufficiency and rights, they demanded to respect their positions.
  • Britain Nutshell. For many decades, Britain passed the laws, which restricted the rights of colonies and were aimed only at keeping the aggressor afloat. The colonies paid more and more but got nothing in return. They gave valuable natural resources to the mother country and received the ready-made things, which cost was incredibly high. It caused their indignation and further insubordination.
  • Britain’s Position. In 1763, Britain supported the French in the French-Indian War. The aim was to establish working relationships with the Native Americans. As a result, the Royal Proclamation of 1763 was hold. According to it, the settlements to the west of the Appalachian Mountains became the Reserve territory of the Native Americans. However, later the agreement was reworked and pioneers continued settling the area, which caused the ire of colonies. They accepted it as the discrimination of their rights.

A lot of disagreements and tight oppression of the rights, liberties, and interests of the 13 colonies by Great Britain are the main factors, which caused the American Revolutionary War, which ended in the independence of the 13 States of the United America.

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