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Classification of Essays

Types of Essays

When students get a writing assignment, they not only worry about the ideas to present in the essay but also about the type of the paper. They complain that trying to meet the requirements of a certain type of a writing task limits them in developing their ideas. Still, having no directions at all is not a way out. If you have to write a particular type of essay, do not think of its requirements as if they were limitations – think of them as the frame that gives shape to your writing.

Basic Types of Essays

Basic types include narrative, persuasive, and descriptive essays. Narrative essays serve to inform the reader about the development of events; persuasive papers are created to convince the reader about something; descriptive essays are aimed at describing people and things, and often answer questions ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘when,’ and ‘where.’

Personal Essays

Writing personal essays presupposes sharing your personal experiences. They might have many features of the basic types of essays – everything depends on the purpose the author has. There are many kinds of personal essays that include but are not limited to autobiographical essays, college admission essays, MBA essays, admission letters, and many others.

Argumentation Essays

Argumentation papers are usually written when a person needs to prove why one claim is right and the opposite one is wrong. In this kind of writing, the author should present both sides of the argument, adhering to reliable data. The types of argumentation essays include but are not limited to:

• Argumentative/Persuasive essays
• Cause & effect essays
• Evaluation essays
• Comparison & Contrast essays
• Example essays
• Research essays
• Synthesis essays

Information Essays

Information essays are types of assignments in which students need to inform about an event/fact/person rather than share their opinion about it. Information papers might have features of the basic types, depending on the case. This kind of academic papers has its own classification as it includes:

• Informative essays
• Definition essays
• Classification essays
• Expository essays
• How-to essays
• Process essay

Analysis Essays

Working on this type of assignments, students need to apply their analytical skills to complete them. Many students tend to have problems with such essays as they do not know what analysis really is. Analysis writing includes:

• Critical literary analysis
• Critique essays
• Analytical essay
• Deductive essays
• Exploratory essays
• Reflective essays

Description Essays

Description, as it is mentioned above, is one of the basic kinds of writing. It presupposes adhering to certain facts and statements as readers should clearly visualize the described object or person. Description essays have their types too:

• Descriptive essay
• Illustration essays
• Photo essays

Structural Essays

Very often, structural essays cannot be compared to the other types of academic paper as their structure is more important than content. They contain descriptive, persuasive, and narrative elements, but their organization is most important:

• 5 paragraph essays
• Short essays
• DBQ essays
Thus, essays have their own classification, which depends on the content and structure. By identifying the type of assignment and its characteristics, the author raises his/her chances to do it in a better way.

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