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Factors that Affect Your Health

Factors that Affect Your Health

Numerous studies have shown that the main factors contributing to health are:

  • biological conditions;
  • state of the environment;
  • socio-economic conditions;
  • the health status.

These factors influence people’s lifestyle. It was also established that the lifestyle determines health (individual and public) approximately by 50% (the state of the environment by 15-20%, heredity by 15-20%, and health care by 10%).


Ontogenetic development of the child bodies is predetermined by the gene program that they inherit from the parents. Based on this, marriages between genealogically distant people create a higher likelihood that the favorable traits of one of the parents will become dominant with the possibility of having a healthier, more perfect set of human genes. Moreover, it is also vice versa. In closely related marriages, prenatal and child mortality is many times higher and the frequency of hereditary diseases of a child is 50 times more than in marriages of non-related people.

State of the Environment

For millions of years, people have adapted to the earthly conditions of existence, affecting their bodies. Such influences encompass energy impacts (including physical fields), certain characteristics of the atmosphere, the aquatic environment, the landscape of the area and the nature of its biosystems, the balance and stability of climatic and landscape conditions, energy impacts, etc.

Medical Support

Oftentimes, the share of this factor’s responsibility for ensuring health (7–15%) seems unexpectedly low. Indeed, from the very beginning of the emergence of medicine as a science, it was focused on health and the prevention of diseases. However, as civilization had developed and diseases had become more widespread, medicine began to specialize more and more in the treatment of diseases and to pay less attention to health.

Healthy Lifestyle

Recently, when it became clear that medicine could not prevent and cope pathologies, interest in a healthy lifestyle attracts more and more attention from specialists and a wide circle of the population.

Now it is becoming clear that the diseases of a modern person are primarily caused due to the lifestyle and everyday behavior. That is why a healthy lifestyle is the basis of disease prevention. This is confirmed, in particular, by the fact that in the United States the decline in child mortality by 80% and the death rate of the entire population by 94%, the increase in life expectancy by 85% is not associated with medical advances but with improved living conditions, work, and rationalization of the image life of the population.

A healthy lifestyle is the maximum number of biological and socially appropriate forms and ways of life that are adequate to the needs and capabilities of the individual, consciously realized by them, ensuring the formation, preservation, and strengthening of health, the ability to extend the type and achieve active longevity. This behavior is based on sanitary and hygienic standards aimed at maintaining and promoting health. The structure of a healthy lifestyle should include the following factors:

  • optimal motor mode;
  • immunity training and hardening;
  • balanced diet;
  • psychophysiological regulation;
  • psychosexual and sexual culture;
  • rational mode of life.

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