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How Money Influence People of Various Professions?

Topic of Money Influence People

From the early childhood, we are taught that money cannot buy happiness. Later on, many of us choose not to believe this thought as we are assured that money is a really important aspect of everyday life that guarantees some security and comfort. However, many employees getting large paychecks do not demonstrate a high level of job satisfaction and overall happiness. Nonetheless, a money issue is important in discussing life priorities and means of achieving them, and is a powerful motivation at work.

As a rule, money topic is really controversial as different people have different opinions on it. Thus, if you decide to present a speech, especially a motivational one, on the topic of money, you need to understand what impact it may have on your different target audiences.

So, we have created a list of ways how people of different professions may view the topic of money.

Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

The target audience comprising of businesspersons is, as a rule, open-minded, adventurous, and risky when it comes to money. They are always willing to accept some new ideas. Therefore, if you want to motivate them, present some compelling ways on how they can develop their business or extend their clientele by thinking outside the box.


It may be really sad and frustrating, but it is hard for teachers to get at least some control over their income. Thus, if you come to present them with some realistic strategies on how they can generate more income, they will find it interesting. Besides, you might as well propose some investment strategies so that they could stretch their limited incomes.

Medical Professionals

It is a common misconception that people compare many doctors almost to millionaires. Actually, it’s far from being true. Therefore, medical professionals will find it interesting to hear how they could help patients pay for their services so that they could perform better at work.

Public servants

This working group is not as worried about the money issue as others. Public servants usually have a secure and stable income as well as enjoy other perks and befits. One of the things you can motivate them with is with brainstorming some ideas on how to expand government funds and provide more support for the needy people.


With the increasing availability of legal services on the Internet, the profession of a lawyer has become a rather devalued one. Thus, to motivate representatives of legal professions, you will want to present them with the ways of solving such a career obstacle and means of attracting new clients.


For a salespersons’ career, there is only one existing scheme: the more sales you make, the more money you get. Thus, motivational tips should involve specific strategies on how they can increase their sales.

Creative People and Artists

The biggest problem is that such people want to get money for doing things they truly love. However, it’s not always possible. The most appropriate motivational tip here is to provide some strategy on how to get support from patrons who will recognize their artistic struggles.

Which category do you fit in? Would any of these tips motivate you?

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