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How to Get Acquainted with Your Professors

Get to Know your Professors

Effective communication with your professors is really important in your college life. As there are many students, professors most likely won’t remember all of them. However, if they do remember you, it means that you are kind of a special student that stands out of the crowd. Communicating with professors has numerous other benefits. In particular, they will be the ones to help you with letters of recommendation when you want to apply for a grant, scholarship or just some university abroad.

So, check out a few tips on how to get along with your professors.

1. Make an effort in your studying.

Being a good student does not mean getting straight A’s – it means being hard-working and diligent. When professors see that you are really struggling hard in your studying, they will definitely help and guide you whenever you need some help. In case you have any personal or health problems and miss some exams, it will be easier for you to deal with your studying when professors know that you are responsible enough and sure that you weren’t playing truant. Besides, always attend classes – even if you have only lectures, you might get some extra points participating in discussions.

2. Do not think that you are annoying.

Never think that you seem annoying to your professors. It is part of their job to help you and provide guidance when you have some troubles with classes or just some study-related questions. Therefore, do not be afraid to come to your professors during their office hours when you really need it.

3. Think of the answers you are going to ask beforehand.

When you plan to talk to your professor, please prepare a list of questions you are seeking answers to. You might get nervous, etc., and so you might forget something you planned to ask. Therefore, it is always better to write down all the information you want to get. Besides, you won’t get embarrassed when all the questions you wanted to ask suddenly get out of your head.

4. Keep in touch.

Even if the professor does not conduct your classes any more, it is not the reason for you to stop communicating with him/her. Anyway, someday you might ask your professor to write a letter of recommendation for you or just help with some advice regarding scholarships, grants or internship. Besides, you can always communicate with your professor just when you are interested in his/her subject. You will always get some additional information to study, some links, online courses, etc.

I truly hope that these pieces of advice will help you establish rapport with your professors. However, it is still important to maintain distance, in other words, to keep the relations business-like. Always be a diligent student, be interested in the subject, and ask questions whenever you have some. Do not be shy and do not consider yourself annoying or bothering – professors are always willing to help you with some advice.

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