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How to Increase Concentration

How to Increase Concentration

Many students need to improve their ability to focus on studies while going to college. Here are some effective tips on how you can increase your concentration.

  • First, try to realize what concentration is about. It is the ability to get rid of many distracting things and to focus on one certain thing. In a certain way, you become what you are concentrating on – you take some its characteristics. You have probably seen that couples, who have been living together for many years, start to look similar, or how people resemble their pets.
  • Watch others concentrating. You may go and watch a good action movie and in the middle of it, look around at the people in the cinema. You will see them absolutely still, with their eyes barely blinking, and with their breath so slow. It has to be a really significant distraction to break their attention stream. Such physical signs can provide you with an understanding of the ways to improve your ability to focus.
  • Avoid frequent sensory input. Loud noises, visual stimulation and multi-tasking (attempting to complete several things at a time) make concentration more complicated, and can put you into a hardly breakable habit of non-attention.
  • Always try to put your full concentration on what you are doing. Do not let anything distract your attention. One of the good ways is being in a quiet place, but you can also learn to block the noise if there is a necessity.
  • Learn the techniques, which help increase and control your energy. Among such techniques, there is yoga. You may like using it or any other technique that is appropriate and works for you. Controlling your energy is a vital step towards the skill of deep concentration.
  • Take breaks. Go for long walks and breathe deeply. Enjoy the fresh air. Develop a habit of doing this as often as possible and you will always return to your assignments recharged and ready to concentrate on the work.
  • Stay calm. By developing the ability to focus on something deeply, you also increase your life force and your cosmic energy. The more of such calm and focused energy you have, the better. Start learning to be calmly concentrated right now.
  • Meditate. You have probably heard that meditation is the most powerful tool of all the concentration techniques. It is enough to learn just several meditation techniques and practice them at least five minutes daily to notice first positive changes. Besides, you will most likely enjoy the process greatly. Watch your breath, but do not try to control it. By observing your breath, you will learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. As you watch your breath, it will automatically slow down, along with your mind, and you will move into a peaceful state of being. You will see that your mind becomes fresh after such meditations.

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