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Make the Production and Sale of Cigarettes Illegal

Cigarettes Illegal

There are a number of reasons why the production, sale and consumption of cigarettes should be criminalized. Firstly, smoking tobacco is extremely detrimental to your health. Secondly, tobacco consumption is proven to result in addiction, especially among the youths. Last but not least, people start smoking in their adolescent years following the unhealthy lifestyle of adults.
Have you known that the Americans used to smoke cigarettes as if the end of the world was nigh? Seriously, 50 years ago, the US citizens were killing time by lighting up. It was a trend of the century to smoke. A cloud of smoke hovering over the table used to be the typical feature of a group of friends sitting in a café. Rarely, would you see them not smoking? However, in the last half-century, the things have changed quite a bit. Today, the fashion for tobacco products is regarded to be less ubiquitous. People choose a healthier lifestyle, do sports, and stick to a healthy diet.

Thus, it is high time to criminalize cigarette smoking, so that future generations don’t get addicted to smoking.

One reason to make the production, sale and consumption of cigarettes illegal is due to the fact that there is no medicinal value of tobacco. According to the research and science, the use of tobacco is actually a major cause of a number of illnesses, in particular cancer, heart disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, and others. Even though there are some people who smoke their entire lives and don’t suffer from serious consequences, they are in the minority.

Secondly, tobacco causes addiction, which is definitely harmful to health. The key component of cigarettes is nicotine. It is proven this substance can act as a stimulant in small doses, but on the other hand, it can block the work of autonomic nerve when a person consumes it in larger amounts. Therefore, seasoned smokers can’t go without a smoke for more than a few hours. It’s so addictive that people even struggle to try to quit. Sometimes, it takes the lifetime to quit cold turkey. Isn’t it a good reason to make tobacco use, production and sale illegal? I consider that it is even worth implementing fines.

Lastly, the majority of cigarette smokers usually begin smoking at young age. Peer pressure is often the main reason of this addiction. In addition, smoking is represented as a feature of a successful and popular personality. Many world celebrities and ordinary people are currently smoking a lot. This way, young people think it is cool to light up, and, consequently, their addiction begins in their adolescent years.

To conclude this argument, it’s important to consider the following facts. Tobacco is very unhealthy, because it literally kills people. Nicotine is absolutely addictive, so young people might fall for it thinking they can quit whenever they want. Most importantly, if you smoke, you are bound to have yellowish teeth and constant foul odor of stale cigarettes on your clothes and hair. I suppose it is absolutely disgusting, isn’t it? So, isn’t it better to make the production and sale of cigarettes illegal in America?

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