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Make Your College Life Organized with a Perfect Planner

Make Your College Life Organized

You have become a college student, which is quite different from being just a student, so it is time to make your student life organized in a different way. If you finally ask yourself how to make it in the best way possible, take some time to read this article as everything has been made before you and you do not need to invent a bicycle. The first thing to do is to choose a planner. Yes, a paper student planner. Some of you might think it is a rudiment as we all are living in the age of advanced digital technology, but a paper planner is able to work wonders in making your messy college life well organized. Find below the tips on how to have your life scheduled with the help of the best planner.

Choose an Academic Year Planner Rather Than a Calendar Year One

As college starts in September, it is a good idea to choose an academic year planner, which also starts in September. This way, you will feel ready to work just from the very beginning without any necessity to find a new planner in December, the month at which conventional planners end.

Consider the Size

Making up your mind to start a planner, you might consider choosing a pocket one as it fits perfectly your jeans pocket or a purse. Remember that the planner is the book where you write the lists of things to do, your projects, etc. Consider the size of your planner if you do not want your friends to know about it!

Find a Highly Resistant Planner

Your planner is intended to help you get rid of the mess you have in your college life, so you should have it at hand no matter what. Make sure your planner is made of high quality materials and is wear resistant as it is going to serve you for the whole academic year.

Consider Adding Some Accessories to Your Planner

A planner might become more useful and interesting if you complement it with some additional things. Birthday reminders or notes taking sections would be great. Imagine your friends’ surprise when they will be congratulated on some special events! This way, your planner will serve two functions at a time: getting organized and socialized.

Do Judge the Book by Its Cover!

Every item you are currently using must make you happy while serving its purpose. Your planner is the symbol of your new student life, so why not make it look correspondingly. Think of the color and design, but do not overdo, as this is the planner, which is aimed to add order to your college life. If it fails to do this, the looks does not matter.

Now you are armed with the tips on how to choose the best planner. The next thing to do is to go straight to any stationery department and get one. You are on the right way to a well-organized successful college life now.

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