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Persuasive Essay Tips

Persuasive Essay Tips

This article aims to provide you with some useful writing tips on how to make your persuasive essay outstanding. This type of academic paper has a wide range of using, as you may need to write one at work, at university, or at school. Therefore, the necessity and topicality of this essay are obvious.

Basic Knowledge

There are different ways to write and structure your persuasive essay. However, usually, it consists of no more than five paragraphs. The length and the narrative template depend on the purpose and topic of your persuasive paper. The common structure of the ordinary persuasive essay includes an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Generally, the writing process looks like putting some general idea in your opening, explaining your position in the main body, and making your final statement in the essay conclusion. Let us overview each of these steps in-depth.


The opening plays a significant role. There are two main things you should do in your introduction:

  • Make your first statement as clear as it is possible. Do not use too long or complicated sentences. The first sentence should attract and catch your readers’ attention encouraging the audience to read further. It may look like an interesting fact, statistic data, joke, question, controversial statement, or well-known quote.
  • Determine your audience. The previous step will not be successful if you do not have an idea about your readers. Depending on what your target audience is, whether it is students, citizens, professors, etc., you may choose the most efficient ways of starting your persuasive essay and use the necessary arguments in the following chapters.

Main Body

It is the main and the most informative part of your persuasive essay. Usually, it includes three or more separate argumentation paragraphs. Although these arguments may represent different sides of your issue, generally they should be relevant to and prove your central statement declared in the first chapter. Expert writers recommend beginning with the weakest argument and finishing with the strongest one. It allows building a strong argument system and convincing your readers of the relevance of your persuasive essay.

Furthermore, each case should include some persuasive and doubtless facts, statistics, research findings, etc. We highly encourage you not to use any controversial information to prove your argument. However, you may present some controversial points of view and explain why your position is the “truth.” Thus, you prevent some of the possible future critics’ remarks.

Of course, do not forget to make your text coherent and relevant to the issue. Pay attention to the writing style, chosen style and lexicon. All these small things make your main body informative and worthwhile.


This part of your persuasive essay should represent the main idea of your paper. Begin with the introductory statement and then convince readers to act or to stop doing something, based on provided arguments.

Remember that your persuasive essay is already successful even you have persuaded at least one person. Practice makes perfect.

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