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Reducing the cost of getting the Bachelor’s degree in the USA

Getting Bachelors Degree

The closer the school graduation is, the more often you think about your next step – college. And it would be easy enough just to find out what kind of profession you want to get, but here come the thoughts about the cost of your education.
If we take, for example, the cost of a bachelor’s degree in the USA, the pricing may vary depending on the college you choose. That is why we have decided to find all the available information on the subject, analyse it and help you estimate the approximate cost of education in the USA.

Types of expenses

To start with, you have to differentiate the types of expenses. We will point out two types here.

First, these are various fees, such as exam fees, visa fees, and application fees. Usually, there are two types of exams you have to pass before applying – SAT and TOEFL. You will not necessarily need both, but the better scores you have, the less you will spend as SAT can grant you a scholarship.


Application will be more expensive for those who want to get a master’s degree as the number of applications will be higher, but since we are talking here about the bachelor’s, you have a high possibility of getting a scholarship. However, it is required to have a bank account proving that you are able to cover the expenses.


If you are applying from a foreign country, you have to take into consideration visa expenses because without a visa you will not be able to start your studying.

The second type of expenses involves education, residence and, of course, some personal expenses.


Tuition is the most expensive among the others – it may cost you up to $20,000, though, as it has been mentioned, if you pass your SAT with a high score, most of these expenses will be covered by your scholarship.


The amount of money spent on residence depends on its the type. That is why it is very difficult to predict the amount spent on living, but on average, it might cost you $500 and higher.

Personal expenses

Among the personal expenses is a university health insurance – which is very important but is very expensive – up to $3,000. But if you have a private insurance which meets the university standards, you can use it and avoid extra expenses.
Of course, studying includes buying additional materials, such as books, but even here you can cut the price – buy used textbooks, which are basically the same as the new ones, but for a lesser amount of money.

The last but not the least are personal needs, such as buying coffee or visiting theaters. You can save a lot here, but once again, it all depends on you and your desires.

Very often, universities offer different kinds of jobs for students to be able to earn some additional money. Use this opportunity, but arrange your working schedule so that it does not interfere with your studying.

Taking into consideration each piece of advice suggested in this article, you will be able to reduce the cost of Bachelor’s degree in the USA more than by half.

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