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Some Common Misconceptions about the College Admission Process

College Admissions

When you carefully craft your college application, most likely you are prone to think that excellent test scores and grades along with your credentials about community service activities should secure your successful path to the college of your dream. However, there are more factors to consider, some of them are just hard to believe. See how you can make yourself a better applicant by avoiding pitfalls and misbeliefs and how you can find wisdom amidst the turbulent admission environment.

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

How college applications are read and what you can do to improve your chances
You might think that your essay will be read as carefully as you craft it. In reality, the admission officer will give it a brief glance on your essay, as there are hundreds or even thousands of other applications. Make sure your essay is well structured and presented in an easy-to-understand format. Highlight your regular and extracurricular activities, some extraordinary events in your life or some points that are important to you. Remember, your scores do not paint a comprehensive picture of you as an applicant. The points that unveil your personality are your passion and aspirations, ways how you tackle the obstacles as well as reasons why you choose a particular college and how you define its importance for you.

Can you apply to a prestigious college if you come from a less privileged environment?

This is one of the most common misbeliefs that, if a student comes from a less privileged social environment, he or she will not have equal access to prestigious colleges. Do not ever doubt your ability to apply to the college of you dream if you have excelled in your studies or sports or any other activities. Just remember: top schools prefer to have top talents, so the socioeconomic status of your family should not influence your decision about the school of your choice.

You major makes a difference, so make sure to make it well pronounced

If you think your major does not make a difference, think about it again. Some colleges require from the applicants to indicate if they apply for Physics or English, and based on the major, the admission officers will grade the student’s ability to comply with the program requirements. Remember, admission committee makes judgments of students’ talents based on applicants’ capabilities with respect to their announced majors. Give some proves about your intellectual curiosity, such as participation in clubs, volunteering or other venues in the area of your interest.
We hope our tips will inspire you and help you find the path to the college destination of your dream. Just remember: life is complex and versatile, so your opinion and aspirations matter. Learn to separate what is important for you and go for it. Shoot for what you like and make efforts to achieve your goals. Hard work surely deserves the reward.

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