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Surviving as a Freshman in College

How to survive

When you enter a college, it costs you many nerves. What you really need at first is how to survive this freshman year there.

1.Check if your paperwork is fine and check the status of your tuition. Moreover, choose your nutrition plan and how you will eat while being in college. Also, learn if you have all classes you need.

2.  Take care of your hygiene and do fitness. It will save your nerves and release endorphins. Moreover, be aware of energy drinks and coffee. They make your nerves weaker. Also, think about outwear as the weather may be different.

3. If you live in a dorm, try to get acquainted with your roommate before. Follow some rules. It may concern loud music or sleepovers. Also, speak about visitors, partying and cleaning your room. It is important. Also, find out what is allowed there and what is not. If you have some issues, ask for help. Remember that most dorms have shared bathrooms. Try as well to get enough sleep.

4. Be focused. Thus, you should manage everything on time, plan assignments beforehand, and get in class in a timely manner. Moreover, get the materials you need and create some study hours for yourself. Also, learn taking notes. It is very important to write down everything you need properly. Don’t use any noisy technology in class. It will bother you to study.

5. Keep in mind the following study tips as: ask your professors for help if you don’t get something, organize study groups to understand the learned material better, get ready for exams, and don’t panic about your grades. Also, try to reward yourself for passing tests and check your status in class. Ask your professor about some extra points. Besides, learn to talk to librarians as they may know what you need.

6. Borrow books, don’t buy them. It will save your money.

7. Be involved in college activities. Learn about your campus, explore the city around you, participate in campus organizations with similar interests, and visit college events.

8. Try to be active with your staff: get acquainted with faculty members, talk to your adviser, and be friendly. Also, if you don’t want going home for vacations speak with your Residential Director. Probably there is a chance to stay on campus at that time.

9. Remember to be social. Be friendly with your classmates, enjoy yourself, and don’t get pressured by the parties. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do. Also, working hard on weekend may be fun. However, being careful about sex, drugs, and alcohol is vitally essential. Consuming alcoholic beverages is not fashionable anymore.

10. Try to be independent. You may try finding a job on campus or within a local business.

These tips are simple. However, following them will help to survive a freshman year in college and have fun there.

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