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The Difference between the Types of College Degrees

Types of College Degrees

Once you have a high school diploma, you can plan to get college or university degrees. Generally, there are five of them, but the most common are associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees and a doctorate. The duration of the study and complexity of the program, differ them the most. Let’s view these and other peculiarities of each degree in details.

Associate’s Degree

One should study two years to get it. This kind of degree is regarded as higher than General Equivalency Development and a high school diploma. Later, the study can be continued in both college and university. The aim of it is to baccalaureate. This kind of degree is common for such qualifications as computer studying or healthcare.

Bachelor’s Degree

This kind of educational program takes four years and is preferable among the majority of students. The first two years are concentrated on general education, but the next two are focused on a particular professional field. Most employers require this kind of degree, as it can embrace a huge field of professions, starting form fashion and interior design and ending with husbandry.

Master’s Degree

As soon as one has baccalaureate, he/she can continue studying for master’s degree. This educational program can last from one to four years. The field of qualification and the quantity of lectures influence its duration. The majority of students prefer to combine work and education while gaining this degree. It requires the compliance of the bachelor’s degree in specific field. For example, if one has completed Bachelor in Literature and wants to get Master in journalism, he/she should pass some special qualification course before entering master program. Choosing literature direction will not cause such inconveniences for him/her. This kind of study is concentrated particularly on the narrow field of professional disciplines, which are needed for future work.

Doctorate Degree

Some specific professions like doctor and lawyer require doctor’s degree. This academic degree is also needed for teaching in universities. Many people consider it to be a research degree, but it is not always so. There are types of doctorate, such as Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Philosophy, which do not require some dissertation or thesis writing. Many scholars can also get an honorary doctor degree, which underlines common recognition for well-done scholarly work, great contribution to the society or university life.

It is much easier for students to identify their future profession firstly and then choose an academic degree. Each specialization has its own requirements for the academic level, that it why, it is better to be knowledgeable about all the peculiarities beforehand. If someone is afraid of the longevity of each degree, he/she should consider that the breaks between them are possible. There are no barriers for a dream achievement!

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