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The Ways of Applying to College

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What usually prevents people from applying to college in the U.S. is the misconception that it is impossible for a foreigner to get in. Following the steps below, you can complete the admission process successfully and debunk this myth.

A Piece of Advice from Education Professionals

It is strongly advised that you start making inquiries about the chosen university some time before enrolling to avoid confusion and frustration. Search for the information you need on the Internet. Luckily, most universities have all kinds of information on their websites, including the requirements for admission. However, you might want to contact either a college counselor or a senior student to get a deeper insight into the educational routine.

Education Achievements

The first thing that draws attention is your GPA (grade point average). When admitting a student, they also take into account the results of the admission tests and interviews. Extracurricular activities and good recommendations are a plus. It is important to keep in mind that the requirements for admission may differ depending on a college.

Admissions Tests

That is exactly what we were talking about in the previous paragraph. Some universities and colleges have a special requirement, which has to do with passing a placement test or SAT Subject Test. To have a testing spot, it is necessary to register beforehand. Make sure you know the application instructions, which are available through College Search.

The Advanced Placement Program

If you feel that some of the first-year courses could be skipped, consider passing AP Exam scoring 3-5. This really is a lifesaver in case you want to change the educational institution and do not want to pass the same courses again. This program is recognized in the US as well as abroad.

Language Tests

All non- native speakers must pass English proficiency test. This step guarantees that language issue will not hinder the studying process and communication between students and professors with different cultural backgrounds.

Online Application

Probably the easiest way to apply is to fill in the online form and send it to one of the 450 institutions in the U.S. that have this option. However, there might be additional requirements such as essays or questions, so make sure you are ready for everything.

The Difference between Early Action and Early Decision

If you have already chosen a university to apply to, consider these two options. Thus you will know whether you are enrolled or not by January. The only difference is that the former option is binding.
These are the main points you should be aware of when applying to college in the US. Challenge yourself and do not let stereotypes ruin your dream!

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