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Things to Do between Classes

Things to Do between Classes

College curriculum is not always ideal. Most of the times, there are gaps between classes, when you have an hour of free time or sometimes even more. What do students tend to do during this time? Usually, they hang out with their friends, have a snack or use their mobile phones to kill time. The lucky ones, those who live near, have time to go to their rooms and have a rest there. However, there are much more efficient ways to spend time between classes.

How to Spend Time Between Classes

Go to Library

The most productive use of time is doing a part of your home assignment at college. Not only will it help you to have extra time at home, but also the atmosphere in the library will let you perceive the material much easier.

Use Local Textbooks

There is no need to spend money on textbooks. You can simply go to your resource center, borrow the books for an hour or two, perhaps make the scan and forget about buying books forever.

Feed Yourself Properly

As you progress your studying at college, you will soon realize that it is difficult to survive the entire day without food. Even though you can get some snack in a local café, it is not a proper way of eating. What you can do is take some food from home and forget about “hungry games”.

Work out in a Gym

If you have a spare hour between your classes, it is a perfect chance to train not only your brain, but body as well. You are not supposed to do weightlifting. Play basketball with your friends or do some easy exercises.

Visit Your Supervisor

Improve your study skills for college benefit – if you have a project running those days, use your time to get the most value from your supervisor. There is a high chance that your professor also has some free time, so ask him/her for a few pieces of advice.

Enjoy the Lunch

Most colleges conduct various events during the lunchtime. Those can be different workshops, concerts and others. You can either take part or simply enjoy the performance.

Take a Nap

If your last night preparation went too long, and you are falling asleep during the classes, there is nothing shameful in spending your break napping in a library with a textbook as a pillow. If anybody asks you, what you are doing there, just tell them about your bad eyesight – nobody can accuse you of your desire to study.

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