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Tips on How to Boost Your Professional Development Using Social Media

Professional Development

Social media is not just about socializing and making friends. You can also use it to become a more effective job-seeker. Here’s our list of top 5 tips that you can utilize to improve your professional development via social networks.

Have Your Professional and Personal Profiles Apart

Combining professional and personal profile is one of the huge mistakes that a lot of people make. The right way to approach this issue is to keep these profiles apart, because they have different goals. Imagine that your boss, investor, or a prospective employer sees the info that you don’t want them to know. It may turn into a disaster. Therefore, make your profile shine with your professional experience, ability, and skills. It will allow people in the industry to see how qualified and competent you are.

Choose Your Friends And Followers

Always remember that it’s your professional page, not a page on a dating site. Having this in mind, see that your friends and followers share similar professional interests. Think of your profile as a page that should get you the job of your dream and put yourself in the shoes of a prospective employer. What would they want to see there? Fill your profile accordingly.

Always Update Your Profile

If you create a profile just to have one, better not to do it at all, because people in the industry aren’t interested in viewing outdated profiles. Always keep your profile updated with the actual information. If you have recently finished the course, gone through a training program, or attended a seminar, be sure to insert your new proficiencies right away. Maybe someone is watching your page at this exact moment.

Don’t Limit Your Profile To One Platform

Of course, LinkedIn is a number one professional platform in the world, but it’s not the reason to limit yourself. There are a lot of business groups on Facebook, a great number of industry experts on Twitter, a variety of useful Google+ circles, and the endless list of YouTube business channels that can be of use for you. Enhance your professional development with all these opportunities.

Be Accommodating

Don’t be one-sided when socializing in the networks. Take time to answer questions, support the dialogue, and clarify the concerns that your followers may be expressing from time to time. This openness and responsiveness will encourage the visitors of your page to come back. Engage in professional discussions and find friends. Treat everyone with dignity and due respect, because you don’t know where a lead might get generated from.

See, social networks are not just for killing time. With the numerous opportunities they offer, social networks can become a great resource for professional growth and development. As more and more people are embracing the digital reality, make sure to become a part of the new paradigm and participate in the growing trend. And don’t forget to look professional online!

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