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Top 4 Ways to Find a College Roommate

Top 4 Ways to Find a College Roommate

Having a roommate can be stressful especially if you’re just starting the school. After all, you will live for almost a year with a person whom you don’t know. Conflicts and tensions may arise, situations may get difficult and that will increase your stress level, which will already be high due to a number of factors (studies, finance, relationships, etc.). So, how to choose a roommate with whom you can live together comfortably?

Fortunately, colleges will be happy to give you a roommate with shared interests, someone whom you will most probably get along with. While each college has its own methods, usually one of these four ways is implemented to help you find a good college roommate:


You may use the old-fashioned way and fill a questionnaire which will ask you basic things like your living preferences and habits. It may be question like:

  • When do you go to bed and wake up?
  • Do you like to keep your room clean or messy?
  • Can you study with noise or you can only study in a complete silence?

Questions like these are important in order to determine a good match for you in terms of the living preferences. Answering questions as the ones mentioned above, you should be truthful and write about your actual living habits, not ideal ones. Otherwise, the roommate matching may go wrong and you will get a person whose tastes differ. Don’t hope that you will change your habits after entering the college. These things don’t happen in an instant.

Computer Software

Second option is to fill a form offered to you by the computer and let the program choose a student with similar habits and patterns. Don’t fall into trap of thinking that computer can’t do a good job, sometimes it can make better decisions than a human being!

By Hand

It may be difficult to believe in it, but some colleges still do the student matching by hand. Usually this kind of matching is performed at smaller living community or school where success of each relationship contributes to the well-being of all community. These kinds of matches can be a little bit risky, but they’re definitely fun.

You Select Your Roommate

There are universities and colleges that allow students to select their roommates. It’s a little bit like getting married – if you and the student you have chosen agree to live together then you’re matched! On the one hand, it makes it very comfortable for the person to spend their time on campus. On the other hand, it deprives the student of the opportunity to live with a person that you’d never thought you can live normally. And very often in life, we face situations where we need to deal with people that we don’t even want to spend time in one room, so having an opportunity to learn this important lesson in the college can be very beneficial. Another thing is that only few students want such experiences.

Don’t be afraid, if matching system is in place, you are bound to find a good roommate!

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