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Top 7 Releases that You Should Listen to this Winter

Top Releases that You Should Listen

If there’s one word to describe this year’s winter, it’s “chilling”. Winter is arriving quickly, and one of the greatest ways to keep ourselves productive and energized all day long (and for some even at night) is music. Unfortunately, a lot of great musicians have passed away this year. However, the fact that there is new great music out there should warm our hearts and remove our grief. The life goes on, and we suggest taking a look at the list of 7 releases that will keep you happy during the cold season.

1) Bonobo – Migration. The main person behind Bonobo (Simon Green) is very close to releasing his new album titled “Migration”. The first preview that was offered to the public sounds great and makes me built rather high anticipations. Simon Green works with Nicole Miglis, Innov Gnawa, Michael Milosh, and Nick Murphy on his new album.

2) Justice – Woman. This band never ceases to amaze me. They keep on writing outstanding tracks with great hit potential and mind-boggling lyrics. I’m sure the band will surprise us again with their new release.

3) A Tribe Called Quest – We Got it From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service. It’s one of those albums that you can keep listening to over and over again. This band really knows how to deliver! Rock on, guys!

4) The Weekend – Starboy. Weekend’s creative work offers a great musical diversity, and one can easily feel that by listening to their latest works. For instance, collaboration with Daft Punk on ‘Starboy’ became a huge hit, while ‘False Alarm’ is catchy but doesn’t have that potential. Probably, it just means that you will hear a lot of different musical variations on this album, which is rather good. Someone has to experiment!

5) Bruno Mars – 24K Magic. That’s an album full of classical Bruno Mars’ songs. Funky, straightforward, upbeat pop! Tracks ‘24K Magic’, ‘Howling to the Moon’, and
‘Versace on the Floor’, which were already made available for streaming, are just awesome! His music can turn from pop to ballad in a moment. What a talent!

6) Childish Gambino – Awaken, My Love! After the latest effort of the band released in 2014, the band is back with ‘Awaken, My Love!’. Anticipation was justified because these guys had enough time to compose some really catchy stuff. Don’t miss it!

7) The xx – I See You. That’s another band that has kept us waiting for a long period of time. Judging by the recently released track ‘On Hold’, we will have another cool record that we will enjoy. Not sure if we (OK, personal I) like all of the experiments of this band, but you can never know until you hear it! Anyway, I’m sure that this album will give you enough energy to go through the forthcoming January.

Listen to these seven outstanding releases and let the power of music guide you through another cold period! Peace.

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