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What You Should Know When Applying to College

Applying to College

To get the adrenalin rush, some people skydive, jump off cliffs, or take up extreme driving. What about me? I decided to apply to college, which turned out to be no less intense. It all depends on the college you are applying to, but in the majority of cases, the procedure is the same. Being a seasoned student, I decided to share my experience and suggest these tips on applying to college. Hope they will make your life easier. Print them out and make a checklist!

Submit an Application

First, you have to fill in documents with your personal information and submit the application. Your study record and out-of-class activities are of a particular interest, so do not forget to include all the information you find relevant.

Write an Essay

This part of admission is rather important. Even if you have a decent studying record, poorly written essay may spoil everything. Submit the essay only after it has been thoroughly proofread. Besides the absence of mistakes, make sure the content meets requirements.

Provide Additional materials

These are letters of recommendation from your teachers, supervisors or mentors. In fact, it can be anyone who is well aware of your work and can pass a word for it. Other additional materials are portfolios or supplemental essays. If it is not required, think twice before submitting additional information not to jeopardize the final results.

Pass an Interview

This part of the admission is optional. However, it can be a challenging step for international students. In any case, being prepared for an interview wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Receive an Acceptance Letter

So let’s imagine you have come through all the stages listed above and finally received the cherished letter. Does it sound like a happy end? You wish! There are myriads of papers to be filled in, from the rent agreement to the application for a library card.

Requirements for International Students

If you are applying to US college from abroad, keep in mind that they may ask you to pass a standardized English test. What is even more important, you need to obtain a visa to ensure that your staying in the US is legal.
Applying to college is a tedious task. You have to think everything through and foresee possible troubles. Still, it all depends on the way you perceive it. Try turning this task into a personal challenge and check each point as you move forward. It will give you a sense of fulfillment. Most importantly, do not become discouraged if for some reason you do not get in. It just means you have to work a bit harder on some points. No one said it would be easy, but it is definitely exciting!

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