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Advertisement Analysis

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Buy custom Advertisement Analysis essay

An advertisement under analysis has a video format and is aimed at popularization of Saturn production. Saturn is a company producing technological devices and is well-known in Europe. Its commercial was first released on a famous German channel RTL.

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The video is a part of a series of commercials which are shown separately but contain the same characters, and are interconnected. One particular feature of this advertisement is that it has two celebrities starring. They are two famous rock stars Alice Cooper and Bill Kaulitz. Interestingly, these people are to appeal different generations, Alice is an idol for older people, while Bill is a frontman of a rock band beloved by teenagers. The scene takes place at a pub on a planet Saturn and personages are mostly aliens. After a short dialogue, Bill pronounces a phrase which is also a slogan of the company, “It’s all the matter of technology.” The phrase is short, without unnecessary words; it is repeated many times in each series and is easily remembered.

The advertisement seems to correspond to the image of the company. First of all, Saturn is a major brand, therefore it has world famous people in their commercials to support their production. Secondly, the video is made up to the latest standards: it contains a lot of special effects, it is ripping and funny which implies that their technology is the most fashionable, required, easy to use, dependable and the newest.

As to the object of the commercial, it is rather all technologies of the company, than some separate item. The general idea is to present Saturn’s production as the one better than any other’s company. However, the main concept is to show that they give pride of ownership.

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It is absolutely obvious that the advertisement tends to use humorous appeals. The video is like a scene from a comedy. It contains elements of sarcasm and mocking (the bird pretends to be surprised to learn that Bill can sing).

The commercial is aimed at a wide audience, older people prefer sixty-four year old Cooper, while youth would like to see their peer. They are involved in a friendly conversation showing that Saturn’s technology would please anyone.

The call for action is rather implicit. Firstly, they show a person who looks fashionable, successful and happy. Moreover, the celebrity says that it is all only a matter of technology. Thus, it could be perceived as a hint that if we use the same products as he does, we will acquire some of his qualities as well. Therefore, the advertisement influences the target audience without its noticing this.

The commercial is made due to AIDA formula. Firstly, it attracts attention because of its gripping plot and prominent actors. Secondly, it evokes interest; there is some part of mystery in the video - slogan and cosmic background. Even if a customer has never heard of Saturn production before, he or she will be interested in it and, more importantly, will buy it. They raised desire to purchase by inviting celebrities. This strategy is very popular and proves to be effective. All mentioned above appeals viewers and probably results in action – they will buy a product.

It should be mentioned that the company invented a series of print advertisements with the same heroes and on the same topic. However, they do not include all required elements. Since the advertisement has only a short slogan, company’s name and celebrities’ picture on it, the target audience will fail to understand what is advertised. If one has never heard of Saturn before, he or she will be confused.

In conclusion, Saturn suggested a number of short video advertisements as well as printed ones to promote its products. While the commercials contain all the elements needed to attract consumer’s attention, prints could only be viewed as supplements and cannot function as an effective advertisement on their own.

Buy custom Advertisement Analysis essay

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