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Analysis of Walt Disney Company

Buy custom Analysis of Walt Disney Company essay

Buy custom Analysis of Walt Disney Company essay


Walt Disney Company commonly known as ‘Disney’ is one of the most successful entertainment organization the world. However, it attributes its success to multiple factors such as diversification, customer loyalty among others. Needless to say, every firm has inbuilt culture that define its operations. The company is not void of challenges. The following paper analyzes the company in regard to its global presence and cultural accommodation, customer support, marketing and product communities. It gives the company ranking according to each of the functions.


It is a mass media company with a diversified approach to media products. It has its headquarter in Burbank California, but serves the entire globe. Walt Disney Corporation came into existence by Walt and Roy Disney. By 2014, it had summed total revenue of $48,813 in 2014 (The Walt Disney Company, 2014). Moreover, in the same year, it has 180,000 employees worldwide. It is important to note that this company is famous for products of its film industry. The firm operates in five key segments that include: parks and resorts, media lineups, entertainment studio, consumer products and interactive media.

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Evaluation of the Company

Global presence and cultural accommodation

Disney boasts of a massive international presence. For instance, it operates in Europe, Japan, India, and Russia among other central zones. In fact, their products are accessible in all continents. Disney has utilized veracious means to ensure its global presence. Primarily, the company expands through key acquisitions and strategic partnership. For example in India, it has acquired the UTV software that is the leading television producer there. Consequently, it can currently reach 100 million households weekly. Moreover, it produces family programs in the region. In Russia, they have acquired 49% ownership of UTH. The acquisition gives Disney the opportunity to broadcasts its channels to an estimated 75% of Russian audience. The company also engages a ten-year contract to extend their broadcasting rights and revenue with NFL and Comscat (The Walt Disney Company, 2014). Therefore, it gives the Comcast and NFL customers’ opportunity to watch TV using their mobile devices.

In China, Shanghai, Walt Disney Company is constructing a large amusement property. The strategy is to ensure they penetrate the market. On cultural accommodation, the company has diversified its product and services according to the needs of each country. Moreover, the one hundred and eighty thousand employees are drawn from a pool of international staff. In other words, the organization gives room to employees in every branch irrespective of their countries and culture.


The company has a complex of marketing design. The product strategy, for instance, ensures that the goods and services offered are of high quality and are aligned to the company’s brand name. Moreover, some of the products are customized to the group logo. However, the pricing of the items is high. Consequently, they mainly attract the elevated class of the society. In fact, Disney products have not penetrated in the third world. Nevertheless, they have a scope of distribution. They position their attraction in areas that experience high flux of people.

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The promotion design is one that the business has succeeded. They show immense performance even during low seasons. They engage in promotional activities such as low priced rooms or free ticketing. Disney has been extremely tactical in marketing their products and utilities through the television and Internet (The Walt Disney Company, 2014). In fact, they have digitalized their content. Moreover, they allow online interaction with the customers. The technique has been instrumental in ensuring customer loyalty. Notably, they have employed the maximum use of social media to promote their film.

Customer service and Support

The organization recognizes that consumers are the pillars of the success of the company. Consequently, they seek to ensure customer loyalty. Every client in Disney is considered as a guest. In fact, that is how they attain their international brand. They appeal to the population by offering a magical experience that only the company can create. Statistics indicates that they experience 70% return of their new clients (Ciotti, 2014). In ‘Be our guest’ program, the company focuses on the comfort of the children through a policy termed as ‘turning around misfortune’. Other offers given to customers includde ‘ending the experience strong’ and ‘fulfilling unique needs’.

Product Communities

There are diverse products that the company offers its customer. They include games, movies and videos among others. However, one of the notable community products that they offer is park facility. The company creates well-furnished parks where children and parents can go and spend time (The Walt Disney Company, 2014). While entrance to the parks requires money, there are holidays where the tickets are free. Moreover, the parks bring revenue to the immediate community. According to my evaluation, the company receives a 3. It has not diversified most if its community products.

Overall Impression and Recommendation

Walton Disney is a corporation with Ssa portfolio profile. The evaluation depicts an immovable global presence and cultural accommodation. It is due to their highly rated products that are present worldwide. Moreover, they invest heavily in marketing. Even in low season, the company keeps its product promotion on course. However, their pricing is high and may not be acceptable in every country. While it is important to appreciate that there produce high-quality goods, subsidized prices are instrumental.

However, they are recommendations that can help Disney to improve. Primarily, the company needs to take advantage of its strong portfolio to expand into entirely every block of countries. For instance, there is a customer base in Latin America; they need to consider providing customized product to them. The company should also produce items that are averagely priced according to each continent. For example, African products ought to be subsidized. It is also important that they maintain their presence in the social media. In fact, they should create online staffs that respond to customer questions and uncertainties. Digitalizing their products is vital for the international stability.


It is apparent that Walt Disney has a promising future. Amidst the few challenges mentioned, the company can take advantage of its revenue to ensure it has a firm grip. They should not ignore any segment in the process of strategizing. Needless to say, they have to remain face other potential competitors in the market.

Buy custom Analysis of Walt Disney Company essay

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