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Bentley Advertisement

Buy custom Bentley Advertisement essay

Buy custom Bentley Advertisement essay

I believe that this advertisement of Bentley is quite effective. The main concept of the advertisement was that Bentley is not simply a car, but the instrument of happiness. This is a different kind of advertisement where the company (Bentley Motors) did not focus much on the design or description of their car. The traditional advertisement of cars and automobiles usually focuses on the features of a car such as high mileage, high top speed or great look and appeal. However, through this advertisement the company has portrayed the image of love and affection. From the starting it appeared that the car mechanic fell in love with the car, he started with the test drive and picked up the girl on the road for a drive. . Initially he presented himself as the owner of the car and introduced the car to the girl (she has never heard of Bentley before). The next day he took the girl for a ride followed by a dinner at a luxury restaurant. The boy had to even borrow some money from his friends. Both the car mechanic and the girl seemed to love the company of each other and the boy (car mechanic) was so happy with the girl. For a moment it appeared that he forgot that he was not the actual owner of the car. Here the question arises, what is the underlying value proposition that the company wants to give to their customers.

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A few days after that, the car mechanic was asked by his supervisor to deliver the car to someone who bought the car –the new owner. He was amazed when he saw the same girl as the owner. For a moment it appeared that the girl would scold the boy (car mechanic) or she would complain about him to his supervisor, however she started to smile and began laughing together with the boy. The supervisor looked perplexed and amazed, as he was not aware of any of the previous story. This was the end of the advertisement and the end put the supervisor in a shocked state, as he was not able tounderstand the hidden conversation going on between the boy (his employee) and girl (the owner of car).

The initial 30 seconds of the advertisement does contain certain scenes through which the comfortable interiors are presented. It all started when the mechanic gave a lift to the girl. While driving, he becomes so happy about the car that subconsciously he thought that his life is different, like he doesn’t work and doesn’t have a non-prestigious, low-paid job. It appeared to him that he was a big man who was driving his own Bentley.

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This advertisement presents a dichotomy, at one time the boy is shown as a mechanic working at a garage and the next moment he is thinking himself as the owner of Bentley that can get the happiness of his life through Bentley. Thus, the company tries to position itself in a way that people can be happy with the idea of possessing a Bentley.

This advertisement is quite different from the traditional car advertisements. Bentley Motors showed the boy’s love towards the car. The company tried to deliver the message that nothing supersedes the love towards the car. Throughout the advertisement the boy was inclined towards that Bentley, he always wanted to be inside the car. It was portrayed that all his happiness was linked with the car. All the beautiful moments in his life like meeting a girl, dating a girl, and taking a girl to dinner were associated with that Bentley car only.  

This advertisement was designed to show the love and affection that people might have towards a car. Throughout the advertisement, the company is trying to demonstrate that the car or to be more specific ‘Bentley’ is not only a commodity to be possessed. It is something that people love and care about. The main actor of the advertisement (the boy) was always into himself whenn he was driving the car. He always felt that he is on cloud nine when he was inside that Bentley.

Unlike other advertisements that show benefits and features of cars, this advertisement tried to present the value proposition in a different way. It presented that the luxury and looks are not the only thing for which people buy car. The advertisement demonstrated a deeper relation of men with cars. It is something like ‘people and commodity can be together’ or ‘there is no separation between a human and Bentley’ or ‘Bentley: spreading happiness’.

Talking about the negative aspects, some experts may argue that the advertisement failed to present any of the outstanding features of Bentley that could set it apart from its competitors but I believe that Bentley is now a well-established brand in itself. Usually it is enough to recall the brand name. Bentley understands that people can themselves associate Bentley with good interiors, smooth driving and ultimate luxury experience. This advertisement was a step ahead in its approach in which it has focused on the self-esteemed needs of Maslow’s hierarchy. Usually the advertisements for cars try to focus on safety or social needs, as per Maslow’s hierarchy, however this advertisement came out with all together different concept. From starting to end the advertisement binds the audience. It never appeared that advertising is boosting about the brand, it was so comprehensive and elegant that the initial two minutes were more than enough to generate the excitement about the complete advertisement.

Experts would agree that people would love to watch this advertisement again and again; in fact many people would like to repeat the advertisement when they watch it for the first time. Hence I believe that value proposition that is being spread while recalling a brand.

Buy custom Bentley Advertisement essay

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