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Critical Changes in Copyright Law

Buy custom Critical Changes in Copyright Law essay

Buy custom Critical Changes in Copyright Law essay

There is fundamental need for critical changes in copyright law to develop an analysis that can facilitate proper understanding of property law. These improvements should also help to settle major arguments that have been generalized and adopted as a common sense approach to enclosing information.

Most changes should be made to enable copyright law to ensure uncomplicated distribution of most creative materials after their reproduction on the Internet. In order to achieve it the right to produce should be handled in a more decent way than it has been done for the past few decades (Henry, 70). It will allow creators of different pieces of intellectual properties to either reproduce or produce their work.

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The change of authorization should also be made. It includes the rights to authorize other individuals to reproduce or produce another writer’s work as well as broadcast it. The level of protection performed by copyright should be increased to the highest point in order to increase security.  Moral rights need some improvements too.  For example, a person holding the copyright on some products must have the possibility object the use of their works that they find morally objectionable.

In conclusion, the concerns that are involved in such laws help to protect the original work of a writer from unauthorized duplication and distribution. It is vital to respect and understand copyright laws. There are narrow exceptions related to this set of laws (Henry, 78). For instance, educators use materials that have been copyrighted for non-profit purposes without looking for permission. Copyright violators face legal consequences. Annually the misuse of materials that have been copyrighted results in substantial monetary losses.

Buy custom Critical Changes in Copyright Law essay

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