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Gay Marriages

Buy custom Gay Marriages essay

Buy custom Gay Marriages essay

Rauch tells a story of Frank and Bob, who spent twenty-eight years building a life together in rural Washington (42). They had a home and a business, and were head over heels in love with each other. Tragically, Bob died unexpectedly without a will. If this were the typical heterosexual marriage, by law, Frank would automatically be the one to authorize medical care and make funeral arrangements. Furthermore, he would be allowed to sue the driver who killed his love. However, because Frank and Bob’s relationship and marriage are not recognized, Frank is nothing more than a stranger passing by on the street as far as the American government and the majority of society is concerned. After demanding Frank to move out of the house, Bob’s relatives step in, and attempt to take over all of the couple’s assets; not to mention Frank is given no decision on how and where Bob was buried. If Bob’s “family” wins in court, Frank will be left broke, homeless, and without his best friend and soul mate. According to Kotulski, these horror stories are everyday truths (44). Another good example is seen after the terrorist attacks on World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, newlywed spouses received a lot of money in state and federal aid without question. Long -term committed same-sex couples were denied any death benefits (Kotulski 47). Lesbians and gay men are seeking only fair treatment. Same-sex marriage should be federally recognized and legal.

Buy custom Gay Marriages essay

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