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Gender Race and the Media

Buy custom Gender Race and the Media essay

Buy custom Gender Race and the Media essay

In modern society, the role of media is crucial. Stereotypes based on gender, race, or classes define the way of how African American women are represented in the media. People understand how it is to be black or white, men or women, Native American or foreigners from the stories produced by media (McQuail, 2010). Ethical minorities like African American women are affected by the stereotypes spread through the media, and people, who create images, should consider the power of these images and make them as powerful and thoughtful to help people learn more about different minorities, underline the challenges people may face with, and prove that African American women should not be associates with domestic violence, inabilities to find good jobs, and education challenges only.

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Meyers (2004) underlines that it seems to be a popular wave to introduce a majority of African Americans as “poor unless qualified in a way that indicates middle or upper class” (p. 112). In the media, black women may suffer from violence or inability to choose education or a good job. In their turn, Black viewers cannot understand why such topics are chosen for consideration, compare and contrast their own lives with those discussed in the media, and face many discrepancy to their own self-image and definition of Blackness (Dines & Humez, 2002). Is it actually fair to trust the ideas offered in the media? Is the representation of African American women in the media correct? The images offered in the media usually have a certain basis, and they are created purposefully. Still, the purposes chosen are not always clear to people and this turns out to be a serious problem in the question of African American women representation in the media.

In general, the question of African American women representation in the media is urgent nowadays. Stereotypes that come from the past should be the leading factor of how the image should look like. Images really matters in our world, and wrong understanding of what happens around may lead to unpredictable results and incorrect perception of life values.

Buy custom Gender Race and the Media essay

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