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How Research Is Conducted in Motivation and Emotion

Buy custom How Research Is Conducted in Motivation and Emotion essay

Buy custom How Research Is Conducted in Motivation and Emotion essay

Motivation and emotion play a significant role in both researches and learning. However, their issues still remain controversial.  If motivation and emotion do not exist, individuals will experience difficulties in learning (Olsson, 2013).  Emotions help individuals to know which things they should devote attention to. On the other hand, motivation also pushes individuals towards reaching goals. One people strive to achieve the highest level of performance while others prefer adhering strictly to the jobs they have due to their motivation.  These opposite forms of behavior are determined by an individual’s motivational and emotional strength.  This essay aims at exploring how research is conducted in both emotion and motivation.

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Motivation is the driving force that enables individuals to achieve their goals. It makes people act. The term motivation is often used on a daily basis for describing why individuals choose to do a particular thing (Deckers, 2014). For instance, students can be motivated to seek an opportunity to be involved in a clinical psychology program, thus spending most time studying. Emotional states are primary parts of the adaptive learning process, and involve attaching value to events and objects based onthe set of needs. Nonetheless in learning process the concepts of motivation and emotion are yet not unanimously agreed.

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There exist three primary components of motivation, namely, persistence, intensity and activation. The first one refers to the continued efforts towards a certain goal, however, some obstacles may occur while conducting research. Thus, it requires investment of time, resources and knowledge (Deckers, 2014) Activation entails decision for initiating a given behavior, for example, studying a particular issue. Eventually, intensity is seen in the vigor and concentration that occurs when pursuing a particular goal. A good example for this is that one student might study without much effort, whereas other will study regularly, participate in discussion forums and make use of research opportunities outside classes due to his/her motivation. The latter is divided into two types, namely: intrinsic and extrinsic. The first one arises within individuals.  The second type occurs from outside of an individual, and often involves rewards. Notably, psychologists have come up with a number of different motivation theories which are instinct, drive and humanist theory.

Emotion is an evaluating response of a given event relevant to the goal.. The latter becomes positive when it is advanced and impeded in case it is negative. Emotions also exemplify a critical part of the learning process through influencing the associations which are formed amid stimuli, their combinations and behavioral responses (Olsson, 2013). The impact of motivation and emotion allow students, adults and infants learn many things about the world as well as how to exist in it regardless of its physical, social and cognitive nature.  Emotion is significant in education. It can drive attention, memory and help in the learning process. Since most people do not fully understand their emotional system, they always fail in regulating it in school or any other field. Few students show their emotions during the classroom and at the same time feel themselves comfortable.

In conclusion, it is essential that individuals consider motivations as states that tell the organism what to do at a given time based on its external possibilities and internal needs. On the other hand, emotion focuses on what individuals must have done. In general, motivation and emotion are strongly related to each other. Even though the latter might be the strongest aspect of motivation, different motivational theories seem to be more appealing to large groups of individuals.

Buy custom How Research Is Conducted in Motivation and Emotion essay

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