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Life Span

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Buy custom Life Span essay

Without doubts puberty has its own impact on all three stages of development. They are the stages of biosocial-physical growth, cognitive-mental growth, and psychosocial-social growth.  Changing body gives some people more confidence or brings a lot of fixations and confusion. Awareness of the processes that proceed in the body of an adolescent gives the right impression and prevents any psychological disorders. A girl in one of the videos is talking about her conversation with a parent about her puberty. Clearly, a parent should follow some rules discussing puberty with a child. Puberty is not a “touchy subject”, it is only personal. Parents should give any information on the topic in an open and a clear way. The amount of the information should not be overwhelming.

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However, having the influence on something does not mean being essentially the same thing. Puberty is only the part of development that is connected mainly with the physiological side and not with the sociological or cultural parts of becoming an adult. The period of men’s voice changing during the puberty (discussed in another video) usually has a positive stimulus to interpersonal development with the opposite sex. Freud (1910) writes about this period in the following way:

As for my puberty it was of quite typical nature except for the fact that it started relatively later than usual. The reason for that is found in the slight infantilism of my character. Nevertheless, this delay did not have any kind of long-term negative impact.

Frederick Douglass and Henry Highland Garnett

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Frederick Douglass and Henry Highland Garnett each had two very different views on the future of black people in the United States. What were those two views?

Frederick Douglass writes in his essay “The Future of the Colored Race”:

My strongest conviction as to the future of the negro therefore is, that he will not be expatriated nor annihilated, nor will he forever remain a separate and distinct race from the people around him, but that he will be absorbed, assimilated, and will only appear finally, as the Phoenicians now appear on tthe shores of the Shannon, in the features of a blended race.

Douglas was a true believer of the independent and equal society without any separations. He believed that mixed blood will become not a curse, but a normal and frequent occurrence. Unlike Douglass, Henry Highland Garnett lost his hope in the future of black people in the ordeals of his life. He supported colonization and was the activist of transferring black people back to Liberia.

Moral pressure versus political power

Both the advocates of "moral suasion" and political abolitionism wanted to end the institution of slavery. Explain the differences. 

Moral suasion is a form of persuading people to change their opinion. It is fulfilled through reasoning and not taking strong action. Moral suasion represents common principles of human rights. The Abolitionist movement appeared earlier or later all over the world in areas where someone was oppressed. In the United States of America the supporters of abolitionism made an effort to end slavery. They wanted to make all people equal and were not squeamish about some questionable measures. Actually, actions of the activists of this movement and the dissidence that they caused initiated the American Civil War.

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