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Personal Nursing Philosophy

Buy custom Personal Nursing Philosophy essay

Buy custom Personal Nursing Philosophy essay

A nurse is a skilled and well-trained professional who dispenses care, comfort, devotion, and compassion for patients. At present, I hold the position of a registered nurse with an Associate in Science Degree. Moreover, I am currently working at a Trauma Center as a critical care registered nurse. To be honest, I know from personal experience that nursing is one of the most complicated, challenging, and exhaustive professions in the world. The given paper aims to evaluate personal philosophy of nursing. Also, much attention will be paid to the most significant domains in nursing and relationships among them.

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Taking into consideration the definition of nursing, it should be emphasized that it is one of the professions within the sector of health care that involves a vast scope of functions, especially promotion of health and welfare of patients, prevention of injuries or health-threatening diseases, and, finally, optimization of medical services (Jarrin, 2007). In general, nursing contributes to health and well-being of separate individuals, families, groups of people, and entire communities (Jarrin, 2007). Formally speaking, a nurse is a well-trained and educated person. However, it is believed that nursing encompasses far more than education and training. Many people associate this profession with a gift and, at the same time, a mission to save people’s lives and care for ill, disabled, and even dying individuals (Jarrin, 2007).

There are numerous values, personal beliefs, and assumptions that shape my personal philosophy of nursing and my performance as a critical care registered nurse. To begin with, maintaining beliefs, assumptions, and knowledge are a foundation for effective nursing practice. In other words, ethical values, assumptions, and personal beliefs are the main pillars that contribute to the nursing practice today. The majority of experts engaged in the sphere of nursing and health care assure that personal philosophies and beliefs guide and change the role and practice of experienced nurses (Middleton, 2011). Also, many educators insist onthe fact that assumptions are tremendously important because they underlie thoughts and actions of nurses (Middleton, 2011). Many theorists claim that respect for patients’ wishes, concerns, and needs should be the priority for people engaged in the sphere of nursing. Furthermore, nurses should take into consideration such important factors as timeliness, responsibility for peoples’ lives, and human dignity (Middleton, 2011).

Because nursing is caring and honored profession that encompasses a wide scope of functions, professionals in this field assure that altruism and social justice are also included in core values and assumptions applied in this sphere (Middleton, 2011). As a registered nurse working at a trauma center, I am the proponent of the idea that care, respect, ethical decision-making, continuous growth or development, and humility are the dynamic key values that drastically shape nursing professions.

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According to the estimations of the researchers engaged in the sphere of nursing, person, environment, health, and, finally, nursing are the key metaparadigm concepts usually classified as domains (Curtis et al., 2011). In simple words, a nursing philosophy, which corresponds to missions and objectives of nurses, consists of four interconnected domains. According to the main idea of the first domain that is classified as “person”, nurses should find an individual approach to everyone who needs their help. Also, nurses should remember that all patients must be respected despite their origin, religion, ethnicity, and culture (Curtis et al., 2011).

Professional nursing care should be delivered to all patients without exceptions, recognizing each person as a so-called integrated whole or, in other words, a human being who is rational, emotional, and, finally, innately healthy (Curtis et al., 2011). The environment is the second domain of nursing that integrates interactions and relationships of nurses with patients, objects, and different places. It is essential in the sphere of nursing as it positively impacts values, roles, and beliefs of health care providers (Curtis et al., 2011). Health is the third domain that motivates nurses to contribute to the health of individuals, families, and the entire communities. In other words, it provides convincing evidence that patients have the right to participate in preventive health activities and processes (Curtis et al., 2011). Nursing is the final domain that integrates other ones. Having assessed the main idea of nursing domains, it is possible to infer that nursing is primarily focused on the interconnection between separate individuals, societies, environment, and health in following and achieving health outcomes (Curtis et al., 2011).

Having analyzed the essence, as well as the value of nursing, reviewed major assumptions and beliefs of nursing philosophy, and evaluated major domains of nursing and relationships among them, it should be summarized that nursing domains are interdependent. They show that nurses should strive to preserve, protect, and, finally, enhance health and well-being of families and communities. Speaking about my vision of nursing for the future, I would like to emphasize that personal and professional development will ensure a chance to me to integrate competence, knowledge, commitment, confidence in personal strengths, and compassion to deliver high-quality care to patients who need my assistance. Despite nursing is the most honored and rewarding profession, I am sure that it is also extremely demanding and stressful engagement. It includes numerous challenges, especially conflicts in nursing relationships, patient dissatisfaction, job hazards, unconventional dilemmas, etc. However, professional growth and continuous development will give the chance for every registered nurse, including me, to become competent and experienced professionals with well-developed critical and decision-making skills, strong character, and ethical behavior. Mutual trust and effective collaboration with other professionals in the sphere of nursing will ensure a unique opportunity to develop a set of favored qualities, especially humility, persuasive communication skills, caring, trustworthiness, etc.

Buy custom Personal Nursing Philosophy essay

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