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Social Corporate Responsibility and Stock Prices

Buy custom Social Corporate Responsibility and Stock Prices essay

Buy custom Social Corporate Responsibility and Stock Prices essay


The main purpose of this report is to provide a critical analysis of the research paper entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility in the UK Gambling Industry” written by Peter Jones, David Hiller and Daphne Comfort and which tries to offer a preliminary analysis on exploration growth and regulation of the corporate social responsibilities of the gambling industries activities in the United Kingdom. The paper starts by providing with various content items present at the front pages of the research paper such as an abstract of the topic, purpose of the paper, methodologies used in the collection, analysis and recording of the data. In addition to that, we have the findings, research limitations and implications, faced by the researchers in the process, originality of the paper issues and agendas in the UK gambling industry, keywords and the type of the paper. The purpose of all these are to enable readers and scholars to get a higher notch in understanding the paper well, identify the gaps available and know in advance other challenges they may face on the way to fill  in these  research gaps. Moreover, the purpose of these contents may be to assist in showing the society, essence, implications and advantages of gambling.

Literally, for the better understanding of gambling, the researchers seem to appreciate that we have some scholar interested in reading the introduction part of the paper only instead of analyzing it in detail. Thus, the paper was designed to use some specified methodological methods in the data analysis and to start with an introduction of what is gambling, CSR, the structure of the UK gambling industry operators in the industry, achievement made since 18th century among other reflections of the industry to the society.

In the first part of this paper, we critically analyze the various strengths and weakness evident in the research paper under the methodological section popularly known as methods of inquiry. We shall analyze the choices of the sample used and the data sources relied on during data collection process and lastly, the analysis of the data collected and recorded. Moreover, the reports will also, adequately, cover by looking into details, the relevance of the literature used by the authors before completing with results obtained discussion.

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a)      Analysis   of  the Methodology  Used by the Authors

Methodologies refer to those methods of inquiry used by the researchers in executing the actual study so as to come up with a detailed conclusion of the objectives aimed to be achieved (Babbie 1973). The topic should adequately focus on the sources, types, methods of data collection, data analysis, population and sample targeted, specification of economic frameworks and models used method of representing coding, editing, recording and lastly, any documentary used (Baker 2006). There are several strengths evident from the research work of the three scholars about the corporate social responsibility in the UK gambling industry.

Firstly, the paper provides an insightto the reader that information was obtained from two sources namely: the gambling users in the country and secondly, from the government departments, associations and organizations that relate to CSR in the gambling industry.

These organizations are mentioned to have been regulating the gambling process in the country hence they contain adequate information about the CSR and gambling industry. They proceeds further to state that sixteen leading companies were selected as a sample from the total population for data collection. This is very vital for the other researchers to know the main sources of the information. Secondly, the listing of those sixteen companies used help the researchers, companies and readers interested in the gambling process to know their competitors and lastly gain confident and authenticity of the research study.

Secondly, the paper provides the public, institution and other interested scholars with information that the Internet was the main source of information. Thirdly, it was used in reporting the CSR activities, because it was better in interactivity,  updating and moreover, its ability to handle complex added values for processing, for instance, Google was the main search engine of the research work. This helped them to get the most updated CSR materials hence gave the readers, adequate, complete and updated information. In any research work, updated and complete information should be provided so as to make the readers have a better understanding of the topic. These authors adequately covered the areas of data collection and hence it is strength.

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For better understanding of the topic, coverage and gain in confidence of the other researchers, the authors adequately reports that the Internet search revealed a lot of changes and variations in the volume, details, characters selection of the gambling operators hence a greater advantage to the readers as they mentioned that four of the companies namely, Camelot, Ladbrokes, Gala coral and William Hill provided adequate CSR information in their website. The rest of the companies had limited information in the websites thus this will help the society know where to locate gambling information in the future. In any research work, the researchers must be aware that the public, other scholar and institutions do question the authenticity and relevance of the sources of information used essential to report as the sources, a case won by these three authors.

The last strength of the research methodology was that the author clearly states that for wider perspectives on the CSR within the gambling industry, the author collected information from the media, sports and culture department, the Church of England, Salvation Army, Government agencies among other viable institutions to the research topic. The main reason behind this was that these are the main regulators of the CSR and gambling activities from the national lottery hence they possess adequate information about the operators and social impacts of the gambling process. We can conclude that the research paper procedurally followed the methodology techniques well; however, there were several weaknesses that we can cite from the paper.

The first noted weakness was that the authors fail to arrange the research methodoology in a systematic manner for easy reading and understanding by the other researchers and scholars. A non-researcher may find it difficult to critically single out the research methodology sources or even know the sample size, because all of them have been just put together instead of being broken down into subtopics. Secondly, there should be a brief introduction of the contents of each chapter for easy reading; however, the three authors never provided it. Thirdly, another weakness noticeable in the research paper is failure of the authors to state reasons why they used a sample size of sixteen companies and not twenty. Fourthly, they do not mention the total population of the gambling companies and lastly, the paper do not contain some of the methodological items such as documentaries, data analysis tools and lastly, conceptual model hence incomplete. We can conclude that the paper is inadequate as the research methodology should be very detailed and complete.

b)      The relevance of the literature review, analysis and  discussion of the results in the study

Usually literature review gives a full detailed analysis of the research works for the other scholars who have ever made contribution to the topic in the study. The researchers should clearly depict some of the gaps found after the research works and which gap are they filling. The authors of this research paper have adequately covered the literature work in the CSR overview, where only four companies were reported to have posted CSR reports in the Internet. Out of the other companies, six of them were mentioned to have made no explicit mentioning of CSR as one of their main strategic business activity hence a great strength.

The authors thus express their commitment to the four main companies plus the government institutions for information meaning that the gambling areas had not been adequately covered in the research work. In addition to that, the market places have been mentioned to house the gambling industry, a case that has forced the government to extend the regulatory frameworks to it; for example, the gambling operators used the market places to provide CSR information to their clients. These are the great strength of the authors’ arguments and therefore, we can conclude that the literature work was relatively adequate. However, they did not use information of all the companies hence a limitation on general conclusion of the research work

On the analysis and discussion of the research paper the authors presents the results in a diverse manners by reporting the impact of the major gambling companies to the society, environment and even to the children since this forms a greater strength of the research work. Additionally, the research work has also provided the government and other stakeholders with information necessary for regulation purposes hence a greater strength. However, the authors fail to quantify the research work by providing viable statistics of how gambling industry has negatively impacted on the society. The whole discussion is qualitatively analyzed and hence this is weakness of the whole research work. Last but not least, the research papers fail to define the objectives of the study clearly in the discussion part of the study.

Buy custom Social Corporate Responsibility and Stock Prices essay

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