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Structural Report Analysis

Buy custom Structural Report Analysis essay

Buy custom Structural Report Analysis essay

Structural Report Analysis

In the reports presented by different governments, there are some elements of both differences and similarities.

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Organization Structure

For instance, in a religious report presented by the U.S government, the organization takes a formal approach. This is evident by the adoption of the executive summary-introduction-body arguments-conclusion structure. On the other hand, an agricultural report presented by the Brailian government assumes an informal approach so that no structure is used in order to portray significant information.

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Word Choice

In the reports presented by the US agency, diction has been wisely applied in order to bring about the fair meanings of the information provided. Such words as human rights, freedom, and right to religion have been used to portray a humane mood (U.S Department of State, 2011). Notably, the report also deploys direct speech by President Obama in order to put more emphasis on the issue. On the other hand, the BBrazilian report lacks the ability to use effective words in order to create necessary moods needed by the audience for understanding.

Formatting and Use of Visual Aids

The US report has not deployed any form of visual aids in the course of presenting the information therein. This is because of the simpler vocabularies which have been used throughout. On the other hand, the Brazilian report has deployed extensive use of government logos and government statistical tables in order to enhance true meaning of the information presented.

Buy custom Structural Report Analysis essay

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