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The Analysis Texts of Different Genres and Directions

Buy custom The Analysis Texts of Different Genres and Directions essay

Buy custom The Analysis Texts of Different Genres and Directions essay

The work provides for the analysis texts of different genres and directions. But they are united by one theme –and it is art. Although, they were written in the previous century the problems raised by the authors are relevant till nowadays. Zora Neale Hurston has a clear scientific style. The expressed thoughts and thesis statements are controversial. WhileRalph Ellison present her work in more artistic style, her ideas and thoughts are developed in dynamics.The aim of both authors is to convey to the reader a basic sense. This method is called the psychological impact.

The work of Zora Neale Hurston “The Characteristics of Negro Expression” can be attributed to the study of genre. Hurston has made a small excursion to the cultural traditions of the African-American nations, gave them a clear-cut description and explanation.

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The main idea of the research is to show all the features and subtleties of cultural traditions and values of a Negroid race. The main part of permeates ideas about what the components of the African culture have influenced the formation of the American one. The author clearly explains own thoughts. At one stage we see as Hurston shares the characteristics of the white and black culture because they are unique and not similar to each other. But nevertheless she combines them, speaking about the culture of the Americans. She argues that this is a mixture of many cultures. She writes about the fact that traditionally the “white” music is very different from the music of black people, but together they constitute the base of American music. Hurston wants to bring to the reader that in America there is no black culture or white culture. There is just American one, which was formed under the influence of many peoples and nationalities. And it makes it  unique mixture.

Also Hurston brings up another branch of the subject - date at all times - it is racial prejudice. She explains that the White never wants to be on the spot of the black, as they consider themselves above and smarter. But she also gives a clear refutation of these stereotypes, explaining it with the example of vocabulary. aciturnity or the small usage of number of words in the conversation does not indicate that the level of intelligence of Negroid race is lower. The author writes about the fact that their ability to carry on a conversation is expressed in rich facial expressions and gestures, which are quite logical and may replace verbosity.

“Characteristics of Negro Expression” describes the unique qualities of Negro art. It was very interesting to learn about the different forms of Negro expression especially folklore and dancing.

I think this research has made a great contribution to the development of «scientific culture». Work will be useful to all who are interested in the development and formation of the American culture, its main complementary.

In general, the research in its essence is a unique and authentic, therefore there is nothing to add or remove from it. The author has covered all spheres of the culture of the African nation, gave them a clear-cut response and stressed on their peculiarity . The topic of the book is relevant today, however, some people consider that the problem, racial prejudice is the main idea.

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Living with the music- is a small autobiographical novel about the author, his experiences, goals and life position.

The structure of the essay is logical and consistent. TThe author uses many images and abstract concepts to create the emotional impact on the reader. I believe that the main goal which the author wanted to achieve was to convince the reader of the necessity of music,moreover, good music. The author is generous with illustrating his personal experiences, feelings and sensations.

The fact that author is not trying to impose on us a certain type of music (but he often mentions classical music and jazz) is striking. Its main task is to show the importance of music, to demonstrate its influence on the spiritual of the human condition. And this influence is bound to be good.

Thhe author also emphasizes on s the authenticity and originality of the music. In my opinion it is crucial to remind people that, music is not just the solid mass of noise, taking into account modern music culture.

Considering the structure subject development of the text it becomes clear that all the author’s psychological emotions are connected with childhood. First musical experience is described in detail. The importance of self-expression in music was the words his teacher used to say and he remembered them. She told that he should sing or play only about the fact that surrounds them. But in such a way spoke the majority of teachers. Setting then for each child was the same, and it deprived the music, and originality to its approach was not enthusiastic. Like most children, he refused to play well because in addition to the right of the notes he only heard the noise and quickly found it rather dull affair.

But later he spoke about music of his neighbour. The author describes the house where he lived and notices that the walls were thin enough to hear the music singing. At first it was annoying and he even bought a speaker for sound insulation.

The moment of enlightenment appears at the end of the novel. The author describes the constant struggle inside him during all these years, when he tried to oppose the music at the same time adoring it so much. Only when he has understood that repelling has no sense and he is fighting a losing battle the author began to miss the music. After moving to a new apartment he had not had an annoying musician neighbour. What is more, he missed his neighbour, his music, the contradictory feelings that it had caused. Music helped him to feel emotions. He realized that music is able to completely change the consciousness, to remember and to edify, and force to move on. Music has a unique power to make you feel alive.

The essay has great psychological influence on a reader and it does not tolerate criticism and changes. The writer himself is an important part of its story. Besides, the author is trying to cultivate a good taste in music, to be able to enjoy it, to absorb it and just listen.

Buy custom The Analysis Texts of Different Genres and Directions essay

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