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The One who Dared

Buy custom The One who Dared essay

Buy custom The One who Dared essay

William James once wrote: “Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.” It has always been a matter of interest for a human to get to know the essence of life. Philosophers of all time have tried to find the answer for this eternal question. Not only have the great minds of all epochs been wrestling with this subject.  A great many people spent their lives searching for a proper place in the world, trying to find a peace of mind and own predestination. However, it is even more important not to lose faith in oneself despite of all the obstacles and rigors of life.

In the poem “The one who dared” the author explores the feeling of life, fear and the search of identity. The title itself highlights his idea of the attitude to life. It is obvious that the author appreciates those who are not afraid of going forward and continuing the trip after failures. From the opening lines it is stated that only those, who venture, are admired by others and deserve their chance for life.  The first lines exemplify the parallel construction to draw reader’s attention and create the feeling of unity.

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The next lines introduce a “soul of stranger” to the readers, which embodies everyone who has tried to succeed, but failed thus felt forsaken. Though, the process of identity search may be extremely difficult, there is still a hope for accomplishing the goal and finding one’s place in the world. The author assumes that everyone is able to fulfill the search, but one needs strength to withstand quirks of fate.

The lines five and six: “Within the heart of danger it lost its pride and grace” highlights the idea that everything that one experiences may influence his views, may change his attitude towards people and life. That is why it is essential to stay true to one’s principles regardless of how hard it can turn out to be. Metaphorical word-combination “heart of danger” is used to pesonify everyone who is not afraid of living and doesn’t go with the stream. Life is full of unexpected and sometimes unpleasant surprises, which can certainly interfere with one’s plans. However, it is not a reason to give up and stop trying again. Sometimes, when everything seems so dark and unfair, only persistence and faith in oneself bring the desired results.

The author uses the means of allusion to Phoenix to convince the reader of the importance of self-esteem and faith that something good is yet to come. He appreciates those, who like this mythical bird, continue to make steps on the road to success. When one faces some challenging circumstances, he should remember the reason which helps him to hang on and keep moving forward. However, sometimes the only thing one really needs is to stop to get one’s breath back. It doesn’t mean giving up, it is time to think over everything and regain one’s strength and confidence.

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In the next line the author is full of hopes that second chance is awaiting for everybody who cares, who can pull oneself together and reach the aim. The epithet “routine smash” is used with ironic shade of meaning to emphasize the idea that nothing is impossible. The author deliberately diminishes the significance of the triumph. He wants to show that after failures and gloomy days, there is always a sunny one with new prospects and accomplishments.

The last five lines of the poem are created by means of parallel constructions to indicate equal semantic significance of the thoughts expressed. Besides, it adds a rhythmical design and balance to the stanza. The author enumerates what one can get if he is able to wait for a second chance. He persuades the reader that if one has failed, it is never too late to look for another path in life and find passion in something else. If one is strong enough, life can’t break him; it will only make him more single-minded and add thirst for life. Such experience is priceless and can be a great example for other people, who loost their way or don’t know what to do with their lives. Though, the whole poem is addressed to people in general, the last line “to free my Heart from knife” (14) helps to understand that the author himself has experienced the same challenges, but was able to withstand all the troubles.

The sentences of the poem always finish in the end of the line with punctuation signs and never get carried over to the next one, so the poem is easy to read and comprehend.  Though, the theme of the poem is one’s identity search within the life struggle; simplicity of rhythm creates a feeling that everything is going to be alright, that every problem can be solved.

The author resorts to capital letters in the poem to emphasize the importance of some things in life. He assumes that one should follow his heart, keep marching on and grab every single chance, which can help to make all dreams come true.

The lines of the poem provide the reader with a sense of motion, rapid activity and possibility of changes. It contributes greatly to the mood of the work, instills confidence in future. The rhythmical arrangement of the last part of the poem is characterized by euphony (sound ‘i’ prevails), which convey a sense of harmony and faith in promising future.

The expression “The one who dared” has two main motifs: everyone is responsible for his/her happiness and success and one shouldn’t be afraid of taking a second chance and starting all over again.

Thus, “The one who dared” is an example of author’s ideas about sense of living, possibility of taking a second chance, and staying true to one’s principles. It inspires a reader to stop for a minute and think about his life, make some conclusions and be ready to change. No matter how unbearable one’s life may seem, this darkness will descend. The only thing to be done is to look at the situation from a new angle and be ready to start fresh. 

Buy custom The One who Dared essay

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