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The Twilight Saga: Books or Movies

Buy custom The Twilight Saga: Books or Movies essay

Buy custom The Twilight Saga: Books or Movies essay

Nowadays, there are a lot of interesting movies, which are based on literary works and which capture people’s attention. The Twilight Saga is probably one of the most popular series of films as well as books in the whole world. Due to some unknown reasons, the idea of vampirism offered by Stephanie Meyer, the author of the books, became interesting for millions of people. It is hard to say what is more interesting: to read a book or to watch a movie based on the novel; this is why it is so captivating to investigate The Twilight Saga and compare the peculiarities of the media production and the literary work. The comparison of The Twilight Saga books and movies helps to define the main reasons of their worldwide success; there are three main factors according to which it is possible to compare a book and a film of the same title: a plot, characters, and an impact on the reader/viewer; if the book wins due to its magnificent combination of thoughts, emotions, and feelings of one person, and a captivating development of the plot, the movie is attractive due to properly chosen acting staff, background music, and decorations that helps to observe the world offered by Stephaney Meyer and create a variety of reactions of people around the whole world.

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The attention to the plot of the story is a crucial point in the comparison. The drectors and writers of the Twilight Saga movie series try to follow the development of the events offered by Stephanie Meyer. On the one hand, such decision is justified: viewers’ reactions are predictable, and if they watch the movie, it means they have already liked the book. On the other hand, this idea is not as brilliant as it may seem: people know what to expect, and there is no surprise. From this point of view, the movie may be more boring than the book. The creators of the film series make an excellent decision: they followed the plot of the book that is already brilliant in all parts but the final one was changed, and it was a success.

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The ways of how the reader and viewer accept characters differ as well. When a person reads the book, he/she is able to think over the images. When the character is introduced in the media, it is already full, and nothing can be added. The characters offered in Twilight movies and books are interesting indeed. Though people’s attitudes may differ, they can hardly be negative. The creators of the movie made everything possible to meet readers’ expectations, considered Meyer’s point of view, and offered an appropriate acting staff that impresses millions of people, dividing them into Edward’s and Jacob’s Teams.  

Finally, people reaction on the movies and thee books vary considerably. Some people admit that the movies have nothing in common with the book. Still, it is necessary to remember that reading and watching are the two different activities, and emotions, understanding, and reflections have to be different. Reading has the purpose to promote critical thinking and encourage the reader to imagine, and watching the movie sets another portion of goals to offer beautiful actresses and handsome actors, use appropriate musical background, and introduce pretty places. These goals are met in both cases, and this is why the reactions on the books and movies are mostly positive and lead to worldwide fame.  

There are many admirers of the books as well as the fans of the movies, and this fact proves that both, the novels’ author and the movies’ directors have succeeded in presenting one of the most intriguing and amazing stories of the 21st century. The plot and the characters are perfectly introduced to the public that cause mostly positive reactions around the whole world. The only negative aspect concerning the books and movies is the fact that this story is over. People cannot enjoy its development and meet their favorite characters in some new situations; everything that is possible is re-reading and re-watching to remember the story, pass through the same emotions, and enjoy everything once again.   

Buy custom The Twilight Saga: Books or Movies essay

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