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Where to Live: at Home or in an Apartment

Buy custom Where to Live: at Home or in an Apartment essay

Buy custom Where to Live: at Home or in an Apartment essay

Every person has his/her own imagination about the perfect place of living. The first thing people care about while making plans for the future is a choice of a «cozy nest». Sometimes it is a little bit confusing when people collide with the question: what to choose – to live at home or in an apartment. There is also quite an important question that relates to the price of the dwelling, but I am not going to cover it. I would like to concentrate on describing the advantages and disadvantages of both living places.

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If the person does not care about noise and air pollution, annoying neighbors, the lack of house room, summer heat and stuffiness, then the apartment will be the right choice. There is no doubt that living in a flat has some benefits as well. It provides with the following profits: nearby parking, shopping accessibility, easy access to nearby schools, kindergartens, recreation centers, roads and public transport. When speaking of living at home, a person does not have the opportunities mentioned above. At first sight, it might appear to offer plenty of benefits However, there are design and lifestyle advantages in living in an apartment that many people do not get when they live at home. Another important problem is that sometimes to get to the closest supermarket or recreation center one has to pass quite a long way. Besides, house and yard require daily care. There is a great need in a frequent reconditioning and services.

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When a person lives in an apartment, he/she is free of caring about the leaking pipe. There is no problem with mowing the lawn or removing the snow. The only thing to maintain is the floor space that falls within the apartment. Also, there is a special department that provides regular service. On the other side, people living in an apartment pay more bills.

On the other hand, modern private houses (cottages) are equipped with all necessary facilities for comfortable living of people who are accustomed to the benefits of civilization. In modern towns, every house has the Internet connection, which is very important for businessmen who watch the market conditions, cable TV with many channels. Ordinary municipal services &nndash; water supply, heating and something like that – in modern towns are also provided. House is one’s property, so there are no neighbors to share it. The owner has the right to do whatever he/she wants, for example, start fixing the house at night or listening to the music early in the morning. Spacious cottages provide with the possibility to keep pets inside or in the courtyard. This opportunity is limited for those who live in an apartment. Besides, people who enjoy having parties at home, cannot do it in a flat.

In spite of all these advantages and disadvantages concerning the question of living at home or in an apartment, one should pay attention on his/her own preferences, the type of his/her character and the way he/she would like to live when choosing a kind of dwelling. Those who prefer quiet lifestyle probably should choose a house, but others who cannot do without free willing and full of adventures life should better buy an apartment. That is why it is much more convenient to figure out what type of person one is by passing various psychological tests, and only then decide where to live.

Buy custom Where to Live: at Home or in an Apartment essay

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