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Evaluation of Books

Buy custom Evaluation of Books essay

Buy custom Evaluation of Books essay

This paper gives a critical evaluation of books which should be read by all the people. This does not only mean the current generation, but all the people including the future generations who are expected to live at a time when the world has lots of challenges to encounter. First, I would like to recommend books on history of man kind. These are very important in helping these generations to understand their origin. As the saying goes, a nation which does not know its history is a dead one. Then, I would recommend books dealing with environmental conservation, emerging issues such as HIV/AIDS and modern technological trends. These are cutting across all sectors of life and can be so applicable to the future civilizations.

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To begin with, I would like to recommend The Making of the Second World War as one of the most insightful texts on global conflicts. Having been written by Antony Adamthwaite in 1992, this text has proved so successful in giving impartial and well researched information on the facts surrounding this fatal war. I highly recommend this book because it can help the future generations to understand more about the causes and consequences of war in the society. It will enable them to acknowledge the role of peace and unity in the society. Moreover, it will help them understand peace is the only way through which development can be realized.

Secondly, I would like to recommend What Technology Wants as another resourceful book which can sensitize the future generations on the modern trends of technology in the world. This book was written by Kelvin Kelly and published by the Viking Press in 2010. It is a very informative book which gives a lot of information about modern technology. As a result of the scientific innovations and inventions, the world has become more high-tec. In this regrd, the only way through which the future civilizations can cope up with this development is through getting up dated information fro such texts. This book will make them appreciate and hold the spirit of research and inventions. Thus they will change their lives.

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In addition, I would like to recommend Hope and mortality: psychodynamic approaches to AIDS and HIV which was authored by Blechner, M.J. in 2011. Since one of the major crises facing the world today is HIV/AIDS, this text will determine the success of future civilizations because it will help in determining their population. The book contains all the facts surrounding the causes, effects and preventive measures to be taken to avert this problem. It is true that this disease has wrecked havoc in the lives of many people today. However, the future generations should be seriously informed about it. This will enable them have a healthy population which is necessary for development. An ailing population can not do anything because it will only lead to the spending of the available resources and denying people an opportunity to attend their daily duties.

Consequently, I would like recommend Global Warming – The Blame is not with the Plants. This is a very insightful text which offers a lot of relevant information on environmental conservation. Even if it is incumbent upon the current populations to sustain the environment for the benefit of the future generations from whom they are borrowed, many people have taken the advantage to deliberately overexploit the available natural resources. However, this has caused great problems such global warming which has led to agonies such floods, droughts and diseases. This book has all this information. Hence, it can sensitize the future generations on the role of environmental conservation for the sake of development. This iis mainly because all developments are based on healthy environ. If there is uncontrolled exploitation of resources, there will be a degradation which will lead to dire consequences. Therefore, this text will enable these people to be conscious of their role as guardians of God’s creation.

I would like to choose the Holy Quran as the book which should be memorized. This is mainly because it is one of the most divine texts in the world today. Having been authored by Allah Himself, the Holy Quran contains a lot of good message for all the people. I strongly agree that it is only in this book that one can get all sorts of information which can be used to transform individuals and the larger society into good people. Since God is the chief source of moral ethics, it is recommended that everyone should take time to read,. Meditate and memorize the Holy Quran. This will make them have deeper understanding of life and this earth and even after death. If they memorize the Quran and live by it, they will be morally upright people who do only good things accepted by Allah. Memorizing the Holy Quran will be a life changing experience which should not only be done by Muslims, but by all the people. This will promote religious tolerance and peace in all corners of the world.

Conclusively, I would like to agree with the notion that development is a multifaceted concept. It cuts across all spheres of life. In this regard, it is essential for the future generations to be equipped with all the relevant information regarding their history, environment, religion, culture and challenges. Whereas history will help them to know their past, present and predict their future, matters of technology and environmental conservation should be safeguarded. This will create room for them to have an ample opportunity of developing their nation with fewer constraints.

Buy custom Evaluation of Books essay

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