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Responding to “Blankets”

Buy custom Responding to “Blankets” essay

Buy custom Responding to “Blankets” essay

The illustrated novel “Blankets” written by Craig Thompson is one of the most popular works of this genre that was deservedly awarded as the best graphic album. It represents the author’s autobiography, covering the periods of his childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. Obviously, the majority of people face a lot of problems with understanding of others as well as themselves in higher-mentioned life phases. In this work, Craig Thompson demonstrated his own fights, rises and falls in a truly sincere way so that every reader can feel and go this not easy life path page by page.

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Surely, illustrated novels seem to be a bit out of novel genre. Nevertheless, such works should also be considered among others, because they may be called novels of a new generation. Sometimes, modern people are just lazy to read long texts and want to enjoy something that can be easily perceived and is meaningful as well as thought-provoking at the same time. The achievements of civilization and development of technology spoiled people, and they prefer to get quick information that should be short but pithy. According to this fact, it is logical that comics and illustrated novels become a trend. Visual images that take place in every illustrated novel do not strain reader’s bain but contribute to the better presentation of what is depicted by author.

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The book “Blankets” consists of hundreds of touching pictures that give readers a chance to see the world and described life situations with the eyes of Craig Thompson in a different age. I feel like these illustrations are more personal and subjective than any text can be. It does not mean that written texts are not good enough to reflect some situation. However, it is comfortable for me as a person who has a good visual memory and visual type of perception to look through the comics and just read the characters’ lines instead of glancing over the long descriptions of what, where and how was happening. These illustrations of author’s relatives, enemies, friends and first love came from his memory, and no words seem to be suitable to describe the emotions, depicted on the characters’ faces. It provides the total immersion into the world of young Craig that has grown up and was brave enough to share own challenges and lessons of life with the whole world.

The perception and interpretation of the story would definitely change if it was told through traditional textual narrative only. There would be no clear faces and expressions in my mind when I was reading one or anotheer page. In the textual narrative, words are just the beginning of the imagination process. In the illustrated novel, the situation is totally different; words are not just the opportunity to tell or describe something; they are the completion of the whole image the reader sees in the book. Illustrations are able to make the story more emotional and realistic. For example, I think that the situation when Craig was ridiculed by strong and self-confident peers would not arouse so much compassion if it was just a textual narration. “Why are you so skinny! He looks like an Ethiopian! Oooo don’t touch him. You might caught his disease!” (Thompson 20). Such lines sound especially realistic when the reader has an opportunity to see pictures attached. Illustrations made me feel like I was present by their talks and experienced it with my own eyes.

The whole story would look different because the general idea is saved owing to the visual art. It makes the story look more touching, sincere and open to all people. The reader gets the impression that it is not a book he bought at the store but a letter from his friend who kindly shared private things with him. This openness and simplicity of presentation is a thing that makes “Blankets” a well-sold book that won a large number of hearts.

Buy custom Responding to “Blankets” essay

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