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The Medium as a Massage

Buy custom The Medium as a Massage essay

Buy custom The Medium as a Massage essay

McLuhan and Fiore describe the issue of technological advancements in their book The Medium as a Massage. An Inventory of Effects. They are able to foresee the changes that will take place in the modern day world as a result of technological advances. The authors of the book assert that the medium is a great contributor to certain changes existent in the today’s society. The medium is in a position of turning the world into a global village, whereby sharing of information and ideas becomes an easy task. According McLuhan and Fiore, this easy exchange of ideas and information usually leads to technological advances, which are accompanied by some problems. The problems associated with technological advancement are discussed in depth in this book covering all major sectors of the society.

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With technological advances, which involve the media, the reasoning of people is altered and this is reflected in the manner in which they act. The medium has an ability of changing the manner of viewing the world since it can evoke perceptions of our own senses. According to McLuhan and Fiore, the living room is one of the areas through which the medium has changed our perception. The nature of politics has changed, as now the living room is in a position of accommodating political aspirants to air out their own views. With this, people tend to opt for a candidate through use of the medium, as their perception is influenced by the medium towards liking the candidate.

 The argument of how the medium has its associated problems has been presented in the book by a combination of words and images. Drawings and images are used to explain the things that are difficult to explain with the use of words. Therefore, it becomes easier to understand the main idea of discussion. It also makes the book very interesting to the readers. The use of images plays a major role in combining various aspects of performance and sculpture, which is a great step in understanding the main argument of the book.

Buy custom The Medium as a Massage essay

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