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Buy custom Memorandum essay

Buy custom Memorandum essay

An annual report of any company is quite essential; the information is prepared for many users both internal and external. In most cases, shareholders would want to know about the company’s performance in order to establish their earnings. On the other hand, potential investors seek for the annual report to make decisions whether to invest or not.
I would wish to highlight the contents of the annual report that help the business executives to be more conversant with its contents.

To start with, any report of a company must have a basis or an introduction. This information states the company’s performance and its plans on growth and expansion of business. The second essential content is the discussion and analysis. This is where the company explains the actions to be done to realize growth and diversification. It gives an overview on what the company should do in order to achieve its goals. Also it analyses the company’s activities.

Auditor’s letter is also essential in an annual report. This gives an overview on the auditor’s findings of the financial statements. Another part of the report is the financial statement, which is the most important. This what most people focus on, it includes balance sheet, which gives information about company’s financial position also income statement shows company’s profits and losses.

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Lastly we have brief notes on the statements, which explain the financial situation of what was projected and what has been achieved.

Why marketing staff should be well equipped with firms’ financial matters

Marketing is one of the departments within any organization. The business executives present the employees in the department. They help in marketing the company itself as well as its products.

Financial matters of any company are quite sensitive but it is essential for its employees to be well equipped with them. It has a number of reasons why this needs to be done. The marketing staff makes a number of trips to sell the company’s products. The information would help them explain to potential investors, which decisions should be made regarding their investment plans. Also they could explain to the creditors who would know the company’s potential to pay their debt. Finally the firm should have the information, which is essential in keeping them aware of th company’s ability to participate in social welfare activities such as sponsorships, scholarships and community development activities.

Benefits of improving employees’ financial literacy

Employees should be well informed about financial literacy, this is should be done due to the following reasons. Firstly, financial literacy improves employees’ confidence and ability to make decisions; most of the employees lack confidence in personal financial decisions. They rather seek for financial advising sources to help them make decisions. Hence, giving them education would increase knowledge and make them confident.

Secondly, to increase their understanding and management of programs, such as compensation and benefits. Making employees understand these tools could make them maximize their resources to improve the financial status. This is for the reason that, having information about the programs, would make them place a higher value.

Thirdly, literacy is needed to improve their ability in order to save employees’ financial security. Most of the young employees do not save for their retirements, those who save, are not saving enough. Financial knowledge helps in knowing the future benefits of financial accumulation.

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Lastly, it reduces financial stress. Most stress people have is highly associated with financial matters. Receiving knowledge about financial management would bring about peace of mind. Choices in financial control improve the quality of life.

Financial Statement Analysis

I selected International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). The company was founded about 103 years ago; it is an American multinational company, which deals with the marketing of computer software and hardware. In addition it offers consulting and infrastructure hosting services.

IBM Company is well known worldwide, it serves about 170 countries, and has employed 435,000 employees, ranking it the 2nd largest company in terms of employee base. It often appears in the New York Stock Exchange, and its previous operating earnings per share were $16.28 making 11 consecutive years of growth in earnings per share.

Net income of IBM grew by 2% to $18 billon from the previous year, while its revenue was $99.5 billion registering $126.22 billion in assets. Which include moore than 12 research laboratories worldwide.

The IBM Company holds a record of generating most patents for 20 straight years. Other descriptions include, holding number 4 in market capitalization, number 9 as most profitable and number 2 as most respected company.

Financial analysts could find the following information useful in their annual report: the company’s earnings per share which is stated above, the financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement and the cash flow statement. This would be essential for the analysis of the company.

Resolving Ethical Business Challenges

Karl’s options indicate the following:

Karl is trying to help his game to go through by featuring on nudity intended for the Americans. The edition for Americans would be accessible to download from Internet for the people who do not mind nudity. Other places worldwide are ready to subscribe, they already think of different options to produce the required cash flows.

Acceptability of commercial use of sex, gambling and violence in United States

It’s evident that most of the things are highly acceptable in society. Sex, violence and gambling are commercially showcased. Of late, the media has become more tolerable to what should be shown on television. Finally, parents have become less concerned with what their children should watch. For this reason, the vices have become more popular in society.

The relationship between personal ethics and business ethics

Personal ethics refers to the ethics, which an individual identifies towards people that they see daily. Business ethics refers to the ethics that people must follow in their encounters in business or career life. On the other hand, an individual suffers consequences if he fails to adhere to both ethical issues personal and business.

Application of personal ethics and business ethics

Based on cultural beliefs, an individual may find it unethical to attend sex education classes, but this might be a compulsory lesson in school, which conflicts with the ethical issues. It can be applied in business when a writer may find it necessary to write books about sex education, but face the challenge about cultural beliefs of potential customers.

Buy custom Memorandum essay

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