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A Heart Transplant

Buy custom A Heart Transplant essay

Buy custom A Heart Transplant essay

This case is a matter of a decision to be made on whom to give a heart transplant. Two patients who need a heart transplant are involved in this case. There is only one heart donor and thus a decision is to be made on whom the transplant will be carried out on. The committee in our case study has not agreed as members having differing opinions. The committee should decide on one patient as soon as possible basing the decisions on various factors and they should not take into consideration the time factor only.

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I would have voted in this case for the candidate whose need for a heart transplant is greater. I would base this decision on the reasoning that there will still be more room for the other patient who does not urgently require the transplant to get it in future. According to the American Medical Association, I would not judge a patient on whether to give him the transplant on the basis of his lifestyle as ths to me will be working against the medical ethic of working towards the best interests of the patient.

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Patients should be allowed a second transplant. Issuing a second chance of a transplant should be accepted but under certain conditions. For patients who after the transplant do not take care of their body health, they should not be allowed to get another transplant. For patients who undergo the first transplant and later their body health call for another transplant, such individuals should be given a second and even third transplant chance.

Hospitals should not deny transplants to the alcoholics. This is because in accordance to the medical ethics treatment should be issued to all to alleviate human sufferings. Denying alcoholics medical treatment will thus not be in accordance with the medical ethic of compassion in this profession. Nevertheless, allowing them a transplant should be after fulfilling the neecessary requirements. These alcoholics as one of the requirement should be at least sober for the past six months and should prove to the medical team that they intend not to engage anymore in alcohol drinking after the transplant.

When deciding on whom to give a heart transplant in case both patients are eligible various other factors should be taken into consideration. They should consider the cost of medication for both patients. The one who is to incur a huge cost when not issued with the transplant should be the one to be favored in such a situation. This is because the other patient can still wait for a prospective donor so as to get a transplant incurring yet low cost for the medication. Attached value involved with the transplant is another factor that should be considered. The patient whom is to be allowed to get the transplant is the one that the transplant will have a greater attached value in terms of the health of the patient.

Buy custom A Heart Transplant essay

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