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Cognitive Revolution

Buy custom Cognitive Revolution essay

Buy custom Cognitive Revolution essay

Cognitive Revolution was in response to the behaviorism, considered a black sheep of psychological school during 1950s. At that time, the major influence on this school of thought was of Pavlov, B.F. Skinner, and other physiologists. During 50s, any subject related to mind was considered irrelevant because objectivity was more important in Psychology like observable behavior. This resulted in the arguments between behaviorists and history is known to the great experiment which includes Thorndike's cats and Skinner's pigeons coming to prominence in the realm of experimental psychology.

The cognitive revolution commenced in the modern context of greater interdisciplinary communication and research.

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It is also one of the main ideas that by research, they may form productive functions and stand against the artificial intelligence and computer science, later becoming possible for making testable implications regarding human mental processes. This has been called the reverse-engineering approach.

Steven Pinker, psychologist, in his book The Blank Slate (2002), presented five main points which has major influence and formation of the cognitive revolution:

  1. He was of the view that the world of thoughts and cognition will be trapped into the physical state including the concepts of information, computation, and feedback.
  2. He also said that mind can’t be a blank slate as it has no innate traits.
  3. He also disagreed with the opinion and said that there is immeasurable range of behavior and is continuously generating by finite combinatorial programs running in the brain."
  4. "Universal mental mechanisms can trigger apparent variation athwart different cultures."
  5. "The mind is a multifaceted structure composed of lots of interrelated features."

Buy custom Cognitive Revolution essay

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