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Buy custom Doxorubicin essay

Buy custom Doxorubicin essay

According to the case study and considering the above list of cancer that is treated using Doxorubicin, only four patients can be offered the drug.

1. The first patient is Bob. Bob is suffering from the last stage of pancreatic cancer and metastasis to the liver. Stage III of pancreatic cancer is the last and worst stage whereby the pancreas has infected, all of it and the cancer is spreading to other organs.  The third stage also known as the local advanced stage is almost impossible to treat. Doxorubicin is used mostly in chemotherapy and other therapy treatments. It is a very essential drug in reducing the spread of pancreatic cancer. A perfect support system should include fellow family members, close friends, religious leaders, and good medical team.

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Primary and Secondary Prevention Of Pancreatic Cancer

Preventing pancreatic cancer is a very easy affair. The biggest cause of pancreatic cancer is Tobacco smoking. Smoking tops the list of primary causer of pancreatic cancer hence avoiding smoking is a bigger step in preventing the cancer. Avoid tobacco smoking and then shy away from chronic pancreatitis risk factors.  Secondary prevention involves taking a specific diet that involves high fat i.e. meat. Then individuals with a pancreatic cancer genetic background need counseling, genetic testing and if possible screening.

2. The second person to be offered Doxorubicin is Charlotte. Charlotte is suffring from breast cancer mixed with bone metastasis.  Doxorubicin is used in relieving the pain of the cancer and patients who use are likely to live longer. Doxorubicin naturally hinders further progress of breast cancer for some time before its progress.

Primary and Secondary prevention of Breast Cancer

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Cancer has become a common cancer affecting women; here are some prevention measures to reduce this high number of cases. The most common cause of breast cancer is family history. Hence where an individual is aware of a family cancer background, she should seek medical checkup. Secondly women should be ready to undertake regular breast cancer tests and in case of any tumor in the breasts one should seek immediate medical attention. Secondary prevention measures are including occasional self-breast examination and mammography. Also physical examinations are necessary. A support group and an enhanced support network involving family members and friends will be a better support system.

3. The third person in the same order will be James. James is 55 years old and suffering from non-Hodgkin lymphoma. As a farmer he has been exposed to pesticides which have led him to contract the devious disease. Doxorubicin hydrochloride is used in treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and lymphoma. The drug is prescribed according to the level of lymphoma and it’s very effective.

Primary and Secondary prevention of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma canceer

One could prevent non-Hodgkin cancer exposure if he uses protective gear when using farm pesticides and ensuring that in case of exposure one seeks immediate medical attention.  Cases of genetic inheritance should also be looked at. Secondary measures are taking of a rich balanced diet full of Vitamin C and taking of fruits.

4. The last person in the same order will be John. John is a smoker and is suffering from metastatic colorectal cancer. This type of cancer is synonymous with Doxorubicin. Doxorubicin is the most common drug used in the treatment.  

Primary and Secondary prevention of Metastatic colorectal Cancer

The most primary prevention measure is quitting or not smoking. The secondary measures are a balanced diet, eating a lot of whole grains and fruits and keeping fit.

What is the reason for the administration of Zometa?

It is bisphosphonate which is administered to patients with multiple myeloma and bone metastases. It is best for Charlotte. It is the best for breast cancer and bone metastases. It is a safe drug with the use in “hyperparathyroidism or no tumor-related hypercalcemia “.  In relation the Neman’s systems model, Zometa is an effective dose because it is drawn in the cancer energy resources of organ strength and genetic structure. There are also revelations of stress struggle and lines of defense.

Buy custom Doxorubicin essay

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