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Language Difficulties

Buy custom Language Difficulties essay

Buy custom Language Difficulties essay

A parent is advised to immediately seek medical attention when he realizes that his infant is having difficulties with speech. For productive interventions of specific language impairment there is need for early identification. A parent can diagnose this disorder by comparing his child’s abilities to talk with the other children of his age.

The disorder is likely to be present if the child has been left behind in language development by his age mates. Children of between two years and three years can be easily diagnosed by filling a questioner by the parent indicating the two and one word that the child can speak or utter. If the words filled in the questioner are less than fifty and a two word sentence is absent that is a clear indication that the child is suffering from language impairment of a certain order or type (Kent, 2004).

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It is important for early interventions to be done since it increases the chances for the correction of the disorder. Basically the treatment focuses on assisting the infant with the kind of specific impairment that he might be experiencing. For considerate gains to be achieved there is need for intensive intervention for language. A parent can model the necessary linguistic forms which the child is having problems with through effectiveness.

Most of the language difficulties can be naturally overcome though, others maybe severe calling for early prognosis. One of the challenges is that this disorder is not preventable since it develops on its own. Research has revealed that as children become aware of their problem with speech they often tend to shy from speaking and that is the reason why such children are associated with poor performance in most areas of their lives. Difficulties in language mastering are a hindrance to a child’s social interaction. As a result many of these children tend to perform poorly in class due to fear of speaking and at times their fellow students tend to make fun of them forcing them to stay in isolation (Kent, 2004).

Buy custom Language Difficulties essay

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