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Male Student in Middle School

Buy custom Male Student in Middle School essay

Buy custom Male Student in Middle School essay

This case study is about an inclusion of a male student in middle school 8th grade about to move on to high school. Counseling the student was part of the activity that I did as an intern in a medical facility. This was very essential in preparing the student for transition to the next academic level.   

Reason for Counseling the Student

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The main reason for counseling the student was to prepare him for the life ahead in high school since he was going to join a different environment. Obviously, there were various psychological changes that the student was going to experience once he joined middle school 8th grade. For example, he had to meet people from different backgrounds who could influence his decisions and make him deviate from the accepted codes of behavior. Secondly, the student would be soon doing final examination that will determine if he joins high school. At that stage, students develop fear and unnecessary anxieties that might bar them from doing well in examinations, thus counseling becomes necessary for the student.  

Shared Expected Outcomes

At the end of the counseling session, I and the student expect to see a positive improvement on the student’s behavior so that he might not succumb to undue influence from colleagues. On his side, the student should expect to learn the codes of behavior that would give him confidence in his life and the task ahead. Achieving these shared outcomes will be very fundamental in improving th student’s academic performance and behavior.   

Pertinent Student Information & Sources Used

In this case, I sourced the student’s information from his tutors who had been will him since he joined the school. I retrieved other information from peer review journals and other academic sources. In fact, the information was reliable because the student has spent his time with the tutors for a long time and the latter could not provide misleading information about him. In addition, I received some vital information from the student’s parents who have lived with him all of his life. The information gave me an oversight about the student, making it easier to counsel him and prepare him for the life ahead.  

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Other Professionals Consulted

The counseling was very significant for the students, thus I consulted two professional counselors to develop guidance intervention plan that would be used in the psychotherapy. One of them was an experienced behavioral psychologist who was versed with stages that people go through in life. Indeed, their input helped me a lot as I developed the guidance intervention plan, making the entire counseling process very easy.

Specific Guidance Strategies Used

In this counseling session, one of the specific guideline strategies used was to craft the objectives of the psychotherapy. Here, the objectives to be realized were clearly spelt out with the assistance of professionals iin the field of human psychology and behavior. The other strategy employed was participatory interaction. In this regard, the counseling was made participatory to make me interact with the student.       

 Next Steps for the Student

After completing the counseling session, the next steps for the students was the implementation of the issues learnt and agreed. The other step was evaluation of the counseling, whether the expected outcomes were achieved and the way in which they shaped the student’s behavior. The evaluation was also to be carried out on whether the student was best prepared to cope with high school life once the counseling was concluded. 

What I learnt

By the end of the counseling, I’ve learnt various things, for instance, students behave and perceive issues differently, depending on orientations and family background. I also learnt that every student is unique on his or her own. Moreover, I realized that a unique approach for counseling the student was vital for the success of the exercise. This means that I would do counseling differently next time to suit the need of the person being counseled

Being a clinician, if I did not get an opportunity to meet with any student, I performed various clinical duties such as attending the sick, ensuring that the drugs dispensed to each patient are used, and responding to emergency cases. These activities would keep me committed during the entire working day.

Buy custom Male Student in Middle School essay

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