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Buy custom Starvation essay

Buy custom Starvation essay

As a matter of fact, starvation due to lack of food has been a major source of problem to the third world countries. These countries despite the fact that some of them are located in fertile regions do not produce enough to feed their citizens. Partly the problem is due to the approach which has been used to carry out farming and the slow catching up with the technology in the farming sector. Due to high birth rates in the third world countries, it has been exceedingly hard to feed a continuously growing population by agricultural means which are not mechanized (McKay, Hill & Buckler, 100).

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Bad Governance. Most of the third word countries are former colonies of the developed countries. After the 1950s was a period of independence for most of these countries. The independence was not taken positively but abused by the people who were in leadership positions. This has been the trend for most of these countries for a long time. This explains why some of leaders these countries live so well off as compared to the average citizens. Bad governance can be said to have led to the poor economy of the thirdworld countries. Bad governance in various sectors of the economy has led to a slow growth rate of the economies of these countries forcing them to depend on the developed countries for sustenance of their economies (McKay, Hill & Buckler 120).

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Civil Wars. Civil wars can be singled out as another big problem which has hit the third world countries for a long time. This is especially the case for the countries in Africa where leadership positions are gained on undemocratically. There have been various solutions which have been attempted to reduce the problems which are faced by the third world countries. Some of the most notable ones are discussed below.     

Solution Attempts to ease the third world countries. There have been attempts to help the third world countries regain stability and solve the problems they face independently. Attempts have been made to ease the food crisis: for instance, the Indian food crisis of 1966-67 caused a shift of interest to Third world agriculture” (148). There are various attempts to make enlarge the green revolution works. This has been foound to be most appropriate where peasants own land. However, this has not yet been implemented in Latin America and Africa. There have been various attempts to carry out farming by the use of irrigation. Bad governance is still a problem and most likely might take time solve as still in the present time there are third world countries whose system of governance is quite wanting (McKay, Hill & Buckler 150).

It can be said that there have been levels of success though not much. There are some countries which have witnessed some level of success in fighting poverty and hunger for example India. Many of the third world countries in the continent of Africa are still in economical problems which mostly arise due to uneconomical decision and bad governance (McKay, Hill & Buckler 150).

The third world countries are the countries which are characterized with uncertainty in their economies and depend much on the western world for the running of their budgets. Some of the third world countries have registered some form of success in their struggle. Bad governance has been a challenge to these economies. 

Buy custom Starvation essay

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